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BSCOM 390 Wk 1 – Team: Learning Team Charter


Complete the Learning Team Charter in the Learning Team Toolkit.


nstructions: Complete the Learning Team Charter (do NOT just fill out the form)


Resource: Learning Team Toolkit (Charter & LT Evaluation Form) – Under the CWE



BSCOM 390 Wk 1 – Intercultural Competence Worksheet


Complete the Intercultural Competence Worksheet.


Submit your worksheet.



BSCOM 390 Wk 2 – Poor Communication Paper


Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that demonstrates an example of poor intercultural communication that significantly affected international commerce or foreign policy.


Illustrate the lack of intercultural communication by clearly defining cultural patterns (theories, identity, and bias, for example) and communication devices (such as communication foundations and taxonomies) between two cultures. Select one or two intercultural communication theories needed to address and possibly resolve the example you have given.



BSCOM 390 Wk 2 – Team: Culture Selection


Refer to the Communication Guide and Presentation Instructions.


Write a 250-word overview of what culture your team will compare to U.S. business norms in the Communication Guide and Presentation, due in Week Five.



BSCOM 390 Wk 3 – Cultural Differences Paper


Watch one of the following films:


BSCOM 390 Wk 3 – Team: Annotated Bibliography for Communication Guide


Complete an annotated bibliography for your Communication Guide. Detailed directions are in the Communication Guide and Presentation Instructions.


Submit your assignment. Include a title sheet.


BSCOM 390 Wk 4 – Verbal and Nonverbal Coding Worksheet


Complete the Verbal and Nonverbal Coding Worksheet.


Submit your worksheet.



BSCOM 390 Wk 5 – Integrative Intercultural Communication Paper


Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word integrative paper, drawing on the knowledge you have acquired throughout the course. Analyze and demonstrate an effective strategy for intercultural communication within a particular setting, such as tourism, global business, education, or health care.


Include the following topics and questions below as they pertain to strategies within your chosen setting:



BSCOM 390 Wk 5 – Team:Communication Guide and Presentation


Resource: Communication Guide and Presentation Instructions.


Complete the Communication Guide and Presentation.


Submit your assignment. Include citations and references.

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