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HRM 595 Wk 1: Apply: Application Case


Read “Application Case: Siemens Builds a Strategy-Oriented HR System” in Ch. 3 of Human Resource Management.


Write 350- to 700-word response to the following after reading the case:




    • Identify examples of at least four strategically required organizational outcomes, and four required workforce competencies and behaviors for Siemens, based on the information in this case.



    • Identify at least four strategically relevant HR policies and activities that Siemens has instituted to help human resource management contribute to achieving Siemens’ strategic goals.



    • Discuss the following regarding Siemens’ strategic goals:







    1. What overall goals does Siemens want to achieve?



    1. What must Siemens do operationally to achieve its goals?



    1. What employee attitudes and behaviors will produce these operational outcomes?





Submit your assignment.



HRM 595 Wk 1: Practice Knowledge Check




HRM 595 Wk 2: Apply: Human Resources Recruitment Methods



Part A


Select 8 recruitment methods and decide the following for each, and present the material in a Microsoft® Word table:



HRM 595 Wk 2: Practice Knowledge Check




HRM 595 Wk 3 Team Assignment: Apply: Performance Management Proposal


Prepare a 8- to 10-slide presentation of your team’s strategic approach to performance management that addresses the following:




HRM 595 Wk 3: Practice Knowledge Check




HRM 595 Wk 4: Apply: Compensation and Benefits Recommendations Report


Scenario: You are the HR consultant to a small business employing about 40 people. Currently the business offers only 5 days of vacation, 5 paid holidays, and legally mandated benefits such as unemployment insurance payments.


Write a 700- to 1,050-word consultation report on compensation and benefits, including the following:



HRM 595 Wk 4: Practice Knowledge Check




HRM 595 Wk 5: Apply: Global Human Resources Toolkit


Scenario: You are an HR manager of a company that since its inception has only operated locally. In a recent meeting your boss informed you that the company is planning to go global in the next 1 to 2 years. She would like an introduction from you on HR related issues for a global operation.


Create a 8- to 10-slide presentation, with speaker notes, including the following:


HRM 595 Wk 5: Practice Knowledge Check




HRM 595 Wk 6: Apply: Signature Assignment: HR Strategic Planning Proposal


Scenario: ABC Company, a midsize organization founded in 2010, is a health care company specializing in hospital products. ABC employs approximately 600 employees. The company is currently doing business in the Midwestern states.


The new president, Jason Fenwick, is eager to take the organization to the next level of performance. Jason’s plan is to grow the business through entry into the medical device business. Cultural considerations for the growth strategy include:




HRM 595 Wk 6: Practice Knowledge Check



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