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OPS 571T Wk 4 – Apply: Week 4 Assignment

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OPS 571T Wk 4 – Apply: Week 4 Assignment 

A project can be subdivided into which of the following?

Multiple Choice

Job orders


Work packages


Events and decisions



You know when you have arrived at the optimal solution in using the time-cost CPM scheduling model analysis when what happens?

Multiple Choice

You have found the critical path.

You have run out of crash time.

You no longer have a linear relationship with costs.

You have reached the minimum total cost.

You have run out of crash costs.



A project may be defined as a series of related jobs directed toward some major output and requiring a significant period of time to perform.

True or False



CPM is an abbreviation for critical path method.

True or False



For an activity in a CPM analysis, the early finish time is 20 and the late finish time is 20. Which of the following statements is true?

Multiple Choice

The activity's late start must happen before its early start.

The activity is on the critical path.

The slack for this activity is 20.

The duration of this task is zero.

The duration of this task is 20.



Earned value management (EVM) has the capability to combine measurements of scope, schedule, and cost in a project.

True or False



The Gantt chart is an example of a project control chart.

True or False



PERT is an abbreviation for which of the following methodologies?

Multiple Choice

Product evaluation, result, and treatment

Programming and evaluation realization technology

Program evaluation and review technique

Process evaluation and review technology

It is a name, not an abbreviation for anything.



The project indirect costs associated with a project include overhead, facilities, and resource opportunity costs.

True or False



In CPM, the late start time estimate is the latest time you can start an activity and still keep the entire project on schedule.

True or False



A matrix project structure is often referred to as a "skunkworks."

True or False



One of the assumptions made using CPM is that project activity sequence relationships can be specified and networked.

True or False



The second step in managing a project is writing the statement of work.

True or False



A project starts out as which of the following?

Multiple Choice

A statement of work

Critical path method (CPM)

A series of milestones

A Gantt chart



A series of projects that are organized in such a way that each project utilizes people from different functional areas is using which of the following organizational structures?

Multiple Choice

Matrix project

Integrated task force

Functional project

Pure project

Cross-functional flexible team



Earned value management (EVM) is a technique for measuring project progress in an objective manner.

True or False



Project management software available today combines CPM and other scheduling aids, like Gantt charting, to aid in tracking progress of project completion.

True or False



Some of the advantages of a functional project where the project is housed in a functional division include which of the following?

Multiple Choice

The project manager has full authority over the project.

Team pride, motivation, and commitment are high.

A team member can work on several projects.

Needs of the client are secondary.

None of these



Breakthrough projects are those that provide fundamental improvements to existing products.

True or False



The critical path in a CPM analysis is always the shortest path through the network.

True or False



A listing of immediate predecessor activities is important information in a CPM analysis for which of the following reasons?

Multiple Choice

It specifies the relationships in the CPM network of activities.

It provides useful timing information.

It includes cost information.

It is the probability information required in the final step of CPM.

None of these



Calculating the early start and early finish times for each activity in a CPM analysis does not provide any useful information.

True or False



An event unit package is a subdivision of a project.

True or False



When reducing the planned duration of a project using the time-cost CPM model, we select the activity to crash by determining the cost of each alternative and selecting the one whose cost is the greatest.

True or False



The fact that organizations are flattening is one of the reasons that project management is important.

True or False

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