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HRM 300T Week 4 Apply: Training and Development Test

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HRM 300T Week 4 Apply: Training and Development Test

Review Week 4 Knowledge Check.


Choose the single best answer for each of the questions in the Week 4 Training and Development Test.


Note: The question answers are randomized. You have only one attempt available to complete assignments


You are the new Director of the Staff Training and Development Unit for Consolidation Tech Plus (CTP), Inc. You have received a memorandum from the Human Resource Director stating Customer Service Unit # 5 has not met the performance standards set forth during orientation. The Director has raised concerns about the orientation process and the new hire customer service training. Currently, you have HR Program Assistance conducting the new hire orientation. CTP has decided to transition to a more modern orientation. In addition to the performance issues, the unit has started receiving a high number of customer service complaints. You have been asked to manage the development and conducting of training, specifically for Customer Service Unit # 5 in order to address the issues raised in the memorandum.


As you were conducting initial research into the customer service unit you learned that, John Hicks, vice president of sales at CTP, manages a sales team of 10 employees. Members of John's sales force vary in experience level. Four members of the sales team have worked at CTP for less than 1 year. The other six salespeople have been with CTP anywhere from 3 to 7 years. John recently received the annual sales report and noticed that sales have been dropping steadily over the last 6 months. John is considering the idea of requesting training for his sales team to boost sales. John has come to seek guidance regarding possible training. You have assigned Nathan, your top Corporate Trainer, the task of reviewing these training requests.


Question 1


Nathan wants to provide new employees with the basic background information required to perform their jobs satisfactorily. What is he going to provide them?


Employee selection



Employee orientation



Employee recruitment



Employee development



Question 2


You and your training team are meeting to discuss the primary purposes of CTP’s employee orientation. Which of the following will NOT be included as one of the purposes?



The employee should become skilled with CTP’s software.



The employee should have a clear understanding of what is expected.



The employee should understand the organization in a broad sense.



The employee should begin the process of learning the firm's preferences.



Question 3


You have been given the task of coaching Susan who is a new hire for a Customer Service Rep. II position. You have been given the task of coaching Susan. Which of the following are you most likely to do for Susan?



Develop a change plan with Susan.



Show Susan the steps of various tasks.



Modify Susan's workload.



Monitor Susan's benefits plan.



Question 4


CTP has adopted a more modern style of orientation, which unlike traditional orientation programs, would include which of the following topics?



Culture and values



Organizational charts



Personnel policies



Health benefits



Question 5


You have assigned Nathan, the top Corporate Trainer, the task of creating a training and development program for the CTP’s employees. He needs to identify the specific knowledge and skills the sales job requires and compare these with the prospective trainees' knowledge and skills. What is the first step that Nathan should take?



Conduct a needs analysis.



Design the program content.



Assess the program's successes or failures.



Train the targeted group of employees.



Question 6


Nathan finds himself stuck at the implementation stage. Which of the following most likely occurs during the implementation stage of a training program?



Conducting a needs analysis of newly hired workers



Presenting the program to a small test audience



Providing on-the-job training to the targeted group of employees



Designing the program content for different learners



Question 7


Nathan has identified a couple employees that are performing at the lowest level. He wants to determine the training needs of these newer employees. Which of the following would most likely help Nathan?



Needs analysis



Performance analysis



Training analysis



Task analysis



Question 8



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