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HRM 300T Week 1 Apply: HR Structure and Role Test

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HRM 300T Week 1 Apply: HR Structure and Role Test 

Review Week 1 Knowledge Check.


Choose the single best answer for each of the questions in the Week 1 HR Structure and its Role Test.


Note: The question answers are randomized. You have only one attempt available to complete assignments


You are a human resource director at a growing new service-providing tech company called Consolidation Tech Plus (CTP), Inc. The company has grown large enough to have a full-time human resource department. Currently, the company is staffed with approximately 175 employees. The company has projected it will grow to 350 employees in the next two years. You have been asked to set up the new HR department and provide a Strategic Human Resource Staffing Plan. While establishing this new HR department, it is imperative to understand changes and trends in the work environment, and establish how HR will play such a critical role in the new growing organization.


As the new HR Director, you are tasked with explaining to company management and new human resources personnel how using good human resources techniques can vastly benefit the organization. CTP’s recruitment goals are to hire the most talented applicants from across the country and world. You have also been advised by a SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) consultant to recruit candidates with an MBA for your top-level positions. You first new hire was Tara Robles as your Senior HR Manager. About 23% of CTP employees will be freelancers and consultants. CTP will utilize non-traditional employees for certain positions as they continue to grow. 


Question 1

What are the challenges (trends) Consolidation Tech Plus (CTP), Inc. should be aware of in the environment of human resource management that require HR to play a more central role in? this growing organization?


Workforce? diversity challenges, technological challenges, and economic challenges



Sales? promotion, financial? health, and production processes



Communication, employee? satisfaction, and safe work environment



Hiring? employees, administering? benefits, and conducting appraisals



Question 2

Currently CTP does not have a diverse workforce. How is the workforce likely to become more diverse?



There will be a higher percentage of minority group members in the workplace.



Work will be contracted to foreign companies.



The company will offer a more diverse product line to attract new customers.



There will be fewer women in the workplace.



Question 3

If CTP is going to have an effective human resource department then the company must understand that human resources is best defined as the process of ________.




Controlling and orienting new employees



Acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees



Outsourcing and offshoring clerical jobs to foreign countries



Organizing and scheduling work activities for teams



Question 4

Using best practices as utilized in most organizations and by most professionals, CTP human resource managers should be categorized as ________, who assist and advise ________ in areas like recruiting, hiring, and compensation.



Line managers; middle managers



Staff managers; line managers



Line managers; staff managers



Functional managers; staff managers



Question 5

Which of the following best explains why a human resource management department in CTP is important to not only the company but all managers?



Economic challenges facing the world call for advanced cost-cutting and streamlining.



Investing in human capital enables managers to achieve positive results for the firm.



An enthusiastic labor force is likely to provide financial support to local unions.



Technological changes and global competition require clear organization charts.



Question 6

Personnel mistakes to be avoided by the CTP human resource department while managing should include all of the following EXCEPT ________.



Having your company in court due to your discriminatory actions



Hiring the wrong person for the job



Experiencing high turnover



Offering training and development programs

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