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HRM 498 Week 5 Practice: Knowledge Check

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HRM 498 Week 5 Practice: Knowledge Check

Question 1

Which of the following topics would most likely be addressed during the continual development stage of expatriate preparation and development?

Language skills

Local customs and traditions

Home-country development

Home-country living conditions



Question 2

Female employment in the United Arab Emirates is negatively influenced because:

a single woman is not permitted to drive

a woman's desire to stay at home to raise children is stronger than her desire to work outside the home

a single woman cannot board a plane or stay in a hotel unless a male relative is willing to accompany her

it is frowned upon when a woman places aging parents in a nursing home



Question 3

Dailey Enterprises is a mid-sized business that is considering expanding its operations globally. Which of the following is LEAST likely to occur as a result of Dailey globalizing?

Improved selection process

Some protection against domestic business cycles

Increased competitiveness

Increased profitability



Question 4

Many companies offer training courses only in English, which may explain why most employees at global firms indicate that English is important for their careers.

The statement is true


Question 5

All of the following are national/cultural values EXCEPT:

job satisfaction


accomplishing indulgence/restraint




Question 6

A host-country national (HCN) is an employee who is a citizen of the country where the subsidiary is located.

The statement is true


Question 7

Hartford Toys is a small business that wants to enter the global market. What is the most common way for small businesses such as Hartford Toys to enter the global market?

Foreign investing






Question 8

An arrangement whereby the parent company grants another firm the right to do business in a prescribed manner is referred to as:

foreign investing






Question 9

What is becoming the world language?







Question 10

An example of a third-country national would be an Italian citizen working for a French company in Germany.



Question 11

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the regiocentric staffing approach?

Each region develops a common set of employment practices.

Promotions from the region to headquarters rarely occur.

Each region actively recruits third-country nationals.

Some autonomy exists in regional decision making.



Question 12

China's labor force consists of a multitude of older workers for the following reason:

Communism favors taking care of younger citizens by having parents and grandparents employed.

Economic growth has led employers to favor workers with greater experience.

It is more common for Chinese citizens to stay in school longer than citizens of other countries.

Chinese government's one-child policy has left a substantial gap in younger generations.


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