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HRM 498 Week 4 Practice: Knowledge Check

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HRM 498 Week 4 Practice: Knowledge Check

Question 1

What was the initial focus of traditional EAPs?

Providing legal assistance

Providing day care and elder care

Providing mental health resources

Providing physical fitness facilities



Question 2

Which of the following is a union federation consisting of several unions that broke from the AFL-CIO?

United We Stand Coalition

United Farm Workers

International Teamsters

Change to Win Coalition



Question 3

Disciplinary action should never be administered:

at the beginning of a shift

immediately before a lunch break

in the presence of others

immediately after the violation occurs



Question 4

Which of the following is an essential element of a corporate safety program?

A culture of fear and reprisal to penalize safety violators

A corporate culture where employees are involved and engaged

A laissez-faire attitude from the top management team

A top-down approach to implementing safety in the workplace



Question 5

What law requires businesses to communicate more openly about the hazards associated with the materials they use and produce and the wastes they generate?

Occupational Communication in Safety and Health Act

Safe Communication in Health Act

Occupational Safety and Health Act

Superfund Amendments Reauthorization Act


Question 6

What is the most severe penalty an organization can give to an employee?







Question 7

Tom works at a company that has a closed-shop arrangement. In which industry does Tom most likely work?







Question 8

Which term refers to the liability an employer may incur when a firm keeps individuals on the payroll whose records indicate a strong potential for wrongdoing?

Faulty metrics

Negligent hiring

Erroneous selection

Negligent retention



Question 9

Ellen, a manager at a marketing firm, noticed that one of her subordinates, who is usually good-natured, has been moody, irritable, and disorganized lately. The subordinate has refused Ellen's suggestions to take a few personal days. Such symptoms are most likely an indication that the subordinate is experiencing:




occupational disease


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