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HRM 498 Week 3 Practice: Knowledge Check

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HRM 498 Week 3 Practice: Knowledge Check

Question 1

Which law set the criteria for distinguishing between qualified and nonqualified plans?

Social Security Act

Employee Retirement Income Security Act

Pension Protection Act

Retirement Parity Act



Question 2

When the United Auto Workers negotiate with GM and Ford for higher wages, which legislation supports the union's right to engage in collective bargaining?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Equal Pay Act

Davis-Bacon Act

National Labor Relations Act



Question 3

Which of the following is primarily responsible for coordinating the design and implementation of performance appraisal programs?

High-level executives

Shared service center managers

Labor union representatives

Human resource departments



Question 4

What is a limitation of profit-sharing plans?

Profit-sharing plans are excessively costly.

Employees have a difficult time understanding their particular contributions to company profits.

Profit sharing adds recurring increases to base pay year over year.

Profit-sharing plans create unhealthy competition between employees.



Question 5

Which of the following is a disadvantage associated with team-based incentives?

Exemplary performers become disgruntled and quit.

Performance standards are difficult to develop.

Output is difficult to categorize and assess.

Members lack the time to assist others.



Question 6

Which of the following job evaluation techniques is placed in the nonquantitative type?

Point method

Ranking method

Job description method

Factor comparison method



Question 7

Which of the following is the LEAST likely purpose of unemployment insurance payments?

Giving workers time to find equivalent jobs

Minimizing the number of workers needing permanent income support from the government

Continuing worker health benefits to prevent financial distress

Sustaining consumer spending during difficult economic times



Question 8

Departmental managers at Global Industries are required to maintain written records of highly favorable and unfavorable employee actions. Which performance appraisal method is most likely used by Global Industries?


Rating scales

Critical incidents

Paired comparison



Question 9

Medco Pharmaceuticals uses a number of methods for accommodating differing styles to its workforce. Which of the following terms best describes Medco's training program?

Blended training

Combined training

Traditional training

Outsourced training



Question 10

The Family and Medical Leave Act applies to private employers with 25 or more employees and to all governmental employers regardless of number.


Question 11

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