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MTH 215T Wk 3 - Midterm Exam

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MTH 215T Wk 3 - Midterm Exam

Complete the Midterm Exam. You have one attempt at the exam and will not see the correct answer. So, be sure you review all previous course materials before attempting it.


Question 1

A store in Minnesota advertises that on a holiday, everything is 20% off. A person buys shoes for $40 and socks for $10. In Minnesota there is no tax on shoes or socks. What is the final price?















Question 2

Sarah is planning a party at a party hall. The meal option is $50 per person and includes the hall for free. The hall-only option is $1,500 but allows an external caterer, which charges $30 per person. Sarah plans to invite 40 people. Which is a better cost comparison?





Meal option: $2,700. Hall-only option: $2,000. Hall-only option is cheaper.



Meal option: $1,000. Hall-only option: $3,500. Meal option is cheaper.



Meal option: $3,000. Hall-only option: $1,200. Hall-only option is cheaper.



Meal option: $2,000. Hall-only option: $2,700. Meal option is cheaper.



Question 3

Zoey wants to use her iPad throughout a 6-hour flight. Upon takeoff, she uses the iPad for 2 hours and notices that the battery dropped by 25%, from 100% to 75%. How many total hours can Zoey expect from the iPad on a full battery charge?





10 hours



4 hours



8 hours



6 hours



Question 4


A person is holding two drill bits, one is 7/16 and the other is 25/64, and wants to first drill a hole using the smaller bit. To compare, the person expands 7/16 to 64ths. What is the expanded fraction?

















Question 5


Jules goes on a hike that will last 5 hours total. She brings 12 cups of water. After an hour, she has already drunk 3 cups of water. At that rate, how many cups would Jules need for all 5 hours?





8 cups



15 cups



9 cups



12 cups



Question 6


Duke takes a car in for basic service. The service agent says a few extra repairs are needed, so Duke adds the cost of those repairs mentally, rounding to the nearest 10. What is Duke's total estimate for the repairs? The costs are as follows:


Wheel alignment: $82

Transmission fluid flush: $157

Cabin air filter: $58



Note: 4 or less rounds down, 5 or more rounds up. For example, 14 becomes 10, while 15 becomes 20.

















Question 7


Jo is on the phone with a gardener who asks about the square feet of Jo's backyard. Jo counts 20 steps long and 40 steps wide (with each step being about 3 feet). About how many square feet is the backyard?





120 ft2



360 ft2



800 ft2



7,200 ft2



Question 8


Ryan remembers numbers using images that look somewhat like each number: 0 is a ball, 1 is a stick, 2 is a hanger, 3 is a comb, 4 is a kite, etc. Ryan remembered a 4-digit phone extension with this story: A person uses a hanger to pop a ball, then flies two kites. What number is Ryan likely remembering?

















Question 9


One rule of thumb in the fast-food restaurant business is a "4 times markup": The price of a food item should be four times the price of the ingredients used in making the item. If the cost of ingredients used in making a taco is 1.5 dollars, what should be the price of the taco?


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