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MTH 216T Wk 5 - Final Exam

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MTH 216T Wk 5 - Final Exam

Complete the final exam. You have one attempt at the exam. So be sure you review all previous course materials before attempting the exam.


Question 1

What is the average?


3 4 5 8















Question 2


What is the median of these figure skating ratings?












Question 3


Two owners of a cattle ranch, Jo and Val, want to find the average weight for the ranch’s 200 cows. Instead of weighing all of the cows:


Jo weighs 25 cows and gets an average weight of 1,350 pounds (stdev 50)


Val weighs 100 cows and gets an average weight of 1,420 pounds (stdev 50)




What is Jo’s margin of error, rounded to the nearest whole number? (The formula is 1.96 straight x left parenthesis StdDev right parenthesis divided by square root of straight N)















Question 4


A media personality argues that global temperatures are not rising, because every year an increase is reported such as 0.08 degrees C. The difference from the previous year is less than the margin of error of about 0.15 degrees C, so that difference should be ignored. What is a strong counterargument?



Even 0.08 degrees is a lot and thus should be considered.



The margin of error is just extra information and thus can be ignored.



The difference with any previous decade is much greater than the margin of error.





Question 5


An article reports that blue eyed people earn less than brown eyed people, with these numbers: average blue-eyed salary $35,000, average brown-eyed salary $37,000, p-value 0.45. Based on that reported p-value, and using the common definition of "statistical significance," which is the case?



The results are nowhere near to being statistically significant.



The results are almost but not quite statistically significant.



The results are just barely statistically significant.



The results are strongly statistically significant.



Question 6


A group of 10 people is choosing a chairperson and vice-chairperson. They put all 10 people's names into a hat. The first name drawn becomes chair. The second name drawn becomes vice-chair. How many possible combinations of chair and vice-chair are there?












10! (10 factorial)



Question 7


A lock consists of 3 dials, where each dial has 4 letters. What is the probability of guessing the right combination in one try?















Question 8


About 8% of the U.S. population catches the flu each season. Assuming everyone has equal probability of catching the flu, about what are the odds of catching the flu in a given season?



1 in 8



1 in 12



1 in 18



1 in 80



Question 9


Kay has an 80% probability of making a free-throw in basketball, and each free-throw is independent. Kay gets to take 2 free-throws, and must make both to win the game. What is the probability that Kay's team will win the game?

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