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NTC 362 Wk 5 – MindTap Unit 10 Quiz

NTC 362 Wk 5 – MindTap Unit 10 Quiz PLDZ-12554 Free
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NTC 362 Wk 5 – MindTap Unit 10 Quiz 

Use the MindTap Access link to access this assignment. 

 Complete the MindTap Unit 10 Quiz (Unit 10: Security in Network Design > Unit 10 Apply > Unit 10 Quiz). 

What kind of firewall blocks traffic based on application data contained within the packets?

  • Stateless firewall
  • Host-based firewall
  • Packet-filtering firewall
  • Content-filtering firewall


What feature of Windows Server allows for agentless authentication?

  • Network-based firewall
  • IDS (intrusion detection system)
  • ACL (access control list)
  • AD (Active Directory)


Which of the following features is common to both an NGFW and traditional firewalls?

  • Application Control
  • IDS and/or IPS
  • User authentication
  • User awareness


Which NGFW feature allows a network admin to restrict traffic generated by a specific game?

  • Application awareness
  • User awareness
  • Context awareness
  • Content filter


Which command on an Arista switch would require an SNMP notification when too many devices try to connect to a port?

  • mac-limit
  • storm-control
  • shutdown
  • switchport port-security


At what layer of the OSI model do proxy servers operate?

  • Layer 3
  • Layer 2
  • Layer 7
  • Layer 4


What software might be installed on a device to authenticate it to the network?

  • Operating system
  • NAC (network access control)
  • Security policy
  • Agent


Active Directory and 389 Directory Server are both compatible with which directory access protocol?

  • Kerberos
  • AES
  • LDAP


Which of the following is not one of the three AAA services provided by RADIUS and TACACS+?

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Accounting
  • Access control


Which of the following ACL commands would permit web-browsing traffic from any IP address to any IP address?

  • access-list acl_2 permit http any any
  • access-list acl_2 permit icmp any any
  • access-list acl_2 deny tcp host host eq www
  • access-list acl_2 deny tcp any any
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