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NTC 362 Wk 4 MindTap Unit 11 Quiz

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NTC 362 Wk 4 MindTap Unit 11 Quiz

Use the MindTap Access link to access this assignment.

Complete the MindTap Unit 11 Quiz (Unit 11: Network Performance and Recovery > Unit 11 Apply > Unit 11 Quiz).

When shopping for a new router, what does the MTBF tell you?

  • How long devices like this one will last on average until the next failure
  • How much it will cost to repair that device
  • How long until that device fails
  • How long it will usually take to repair that device


While troubleshooting a recurring problem on your network, you will want to examine the TCP messages being exchanged between a server and a client. Which tool should you use?

  • Spiceworks
  • Wireshark
  • VirtualBox
  • Packet Tracer


One of your coworkers downloaded several, very large video files for a special project she's working on for a new client. When you run your network monitor later this afternoon, what list will your coworker's computer likely show up on?

  • Top listeners
  • Jabbers
  • Giants
  • Top talkers


Which power backup method will continually provide power to a server if the power goes out during a thunderstorm?

  • Online UPS
  • Dual power supplies
  • Generator
  • Standby UPS


What port do SNMP agents listen on?

  • Port 162
  • Port 161
  • Port 21
  • Port 20


Your roommate has been hogging the bandwidth on your router lately. What feature should you configure on the router to limit the amount of bandwidth his computer can utilize at any one time?

  • Port mirroring
  • Power management
  • Port forwarding
  • Traffic shaping


What command requests the next record in an SNMP log?

  • SNMP Get Response
  • SNMP Get Next
  • SNMP Get Request
  • SNMP Trap


Which of the following features of a network connection between a switch and server is not improved by link aggregation?

  • Bandwidth
  • Speed
  • Availability
  • Fault tolerance


What field in an IPv4 packet is altered to prioritize video streaming traffic over web surfing traffic?

  • Traffic Class
  • Priority Code Point
  • Time to Live
  • DiffServ


Which type of disaster recovery site contains all the equipment you would need to get up and running again after a disaster, and yet would require several weeks to implement?

  • Cold site
  • Standby site
  • Warm site
  • Hot site
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