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NTC 362 Wk 4 MindTap Unit 8 Quiz

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NTC 362 Wk 4 MindTap Unit 8 Quiz 

Use the MindTap Access link to access this assignment. 

 Complete the MindTap Unit 8 Quiz (Unit 8: Subnets and VLANs > Unit 8 Apply > Unit 8 Quiz). 

Which formulas can be used to calculate the magic number? Choose two.

  • 256 - the interesting octet
  • 2h - 2
  • 2n
  • 2h


How many bits of a Class A IP address are used for host information?

  • 8 bits
  • 32 bits
  • 24 bits
  • 16 bits


Which IEEE standard determines how VLANs work on a network?

  • 802.11
  • 802.1Q
  • 802.3af
  • 802.1x


Which port mode on a switch enables that port to manage traffic for multiple VLANs?

  • Ethernet
  • Console
  • Trunk
  • Access


What is the formula for determining the number of possible hosts on a network?

  • 2h = Z
  • 2n = Y
  • 2h - 2 = Z
  • 2n - 2 = Y


Which of the following is not a good reason to segment a network?

  • To narrow down the location of problems on a network
  • To increase the number of networking devices on a network
  • To reduce the demand on bandwidth
  • To limit access to broadcast domains


What do well-chosen subnets accomplish?

  • Routing efficiency is decreased by ensuring IP address spaces are not mathematically related.
  • IP address spaces overlap for easier management.
  • Network documentation is easier to manage.
  • Problems affect the entire network, making them more difficult to pin down.


Which hexadecimal block in an IPv6 address is used for the Subnet ID?

  • The first one
  • The fourth one
  • The third one
  • The eighth one


What is the least number of bits you would need to borrow from the network portion of a Class B subnet mask to get at least 130 hosts per subnet?

  • Eight
  • Ten
  • Nine
  • None


While designing your network's VLAN topology, your team has decided to use a centrally managed DHCP server rather than creating a separate DHCP server for each VLAN. What software will you need to make the central DHCP server accessible across VLANs?

  • Hypervisor
  • DHCP relay agent
  • Virtual router
  • DHCP server


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