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NTC 362 Wk 2 - MindTap Unit 2 Quiz

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NTC 362 Wk 2 - MindTap Unit 2 Quiz

Use the MindTap Access link to access this assignment. 

 Complete MindTap Unit 2 Quiz (Unit 2: Network Infrastructure and Documentation > Unit 2 Apply > Unit 2 Quiz). 

Which of the following devices are you likely to find in the MDF? Choose all that apply.

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Network printer
  • KVM switch


Which device converts signals from a campus's analog phone equipment into IP data that can travel over the Internet?

  • VoIP endpoint
  • VoIP PBX
  • VoIP switch
  • VoIP gateway


What type of diagram shows a graphical representation of a network's wired infrastructure?

  • Wiring schematic
  • Network map
  • Rack diagram
  • Network topology


A transceiver was recently damaged by a lightning strike during a storm. How might you decide whether the ISP is responsible for replacing this device, or whether your company must foot the bill?

  • Look at the manufacturer information on the device's label.
  • Look at purchase records for the device to determine when it was acquired.
  • Look at what kinds of cables are connected to this device.
  • Look at whether the device is located on the ISP's side of the demarc.


You need to connect a new network printer to a nearby wall jack. What kind of cable should you use?

  • Plenum-rated cable
  • Backbone cable
  • Patch cable
  • Fiber-optic cable


You've decided to run an Nmap scan on your network. What app could you open to perform this task? Choose all that apply.

  • Zenmap
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Command Prompt
  • PowerShell


If you're shopping for a rack switch, what component on the switch tells you it can be mounted to a rack?

  • Large fans
  • AC adapter
  • Padded feet
  • Rack ears


A technician from your ISP has arrived to help you troubleshoot a weak WAN connection. To what location do you take her?

  • Entrance facility
  • IDF
  • CEO's office
  • Work area


What is the first step of inventory management?

  • Back up network data.
  • Interview users.
  • List an administrative account's username and password for each device on a network.
  • List all components on the network.


Which of these is considered a secure place to store a list of documented network passwords?

  • The MDF
  • A password manager
  • A sticky note under the keyboard
  • The CEO's smartphone


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