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BSCOM 360 Wk 4 - Communication Themes Matrix

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BSCOM 360 Wk 4 – Communication Themes Matrix


Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Communication Themes Matrix.


Part A: Communication Matrix (Use the Communication Matrix Part A Grid)

Use the organization you wrote about in your Week 2 Organizational Communication Style and Culture Paper. If you did not submit the Week 2 paper, use an organization with which you are familiar. With that organization in mind, fill out the applicable parts of the matrix. 


You’ve been hired by the organization you wrote about during Week 2 to evaluate its organizational communication and how it impacts efficiency at the organization. Your job is to suggest ways the organization can improve its organizational communication and improve efficiency / productivity. 


On the matrix, there are four themes (Traditional, Relational, Cultural, and Network) and nine common characteristics (system, rules/norms, hierarchy, communication networks, organizational networks, leadership approaches, mgt communication / decision making, power, and conflict). 


Using these themes and all the associated info we’ve learned in the reading so far to identify communication problems in the nine common characteristics. Be sure to use the info we’ve been reading and learning.


Mark the box (or boxes) that apply to the organization you’re evaluating. Which theme / common characteristic is impacting efficiency / productivity at that organization?


Add a brief explanation of why you chose the box and use our course material to support your explanation. Your explanations should include significant information from our course reading.


NOTE: You must choose at least three boxes – but you can choose more than three.   



Part B: Communication Improvement Proposal (Create a Word document)

Once you complete the matrix, you can see all the areas that can be improved by better communication. Prepare a 750-word proposal (essay) for the CEO of the organization.




    • Include two (or more) major communication improvement initiatives that could be implemented to increase effective organizational communication and lead to increased productivity.



    • These initiatives should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Use the material from our course to justify your suggestions.



    • Be sure to cite all your claims and offer info from what we’re learning to strengthen your proposed communication changes. Include a reference page in APA format.





Submit TWO files:




    1. Part A (Matrix Grid) – Name your file like this: LastName_PartA (Example: Smith_PartA)



    1. Part A always give a high plagiarism score because we’re all using the same worksheet. That’s why I like it submitted separately.



    1. Part B (Essay Proposal) – Name your file like this: LastName_PartB (Example: Smith_PartB)



  1. Part B will go through the plagiarism scanner
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