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Bidet rental is clean and clean

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Are you comfortable going to the bathroom?
I have suffered from constipation these days
It's not just this.
Besides, some family members have hemorrhoids
You need to rent a bidet these days.
I thought a lot.
But when I tried it once,
There was a horrible feeling of water
There was a part I was afraid of
Still, recent products are so
That the features are going to be okay
I was able to use it because my ears fluttered quickly.

What I used was from Coway
It is a BA20-B product.
It is a more famous product under the name Lulu.
There are various brands and types.
I was thinking a lot about whether to choose.
Then there is a famous
I decided to choose it because I wanted to do it.

Bidet rental companies
I put an inquiry phone.
I already have a product I want to install
I was troubled by the many places I recommend other products.
Most recommendations are expensive.
I felt like a tonic.
When I get tired of finding out like this, at the end
He kindly consulted me in one place.
Thanks to this, I was able to receive the installation safely.

If you buy it anyway, take care
I think it's hard because I have to do it myself.
But if you borrow it and use it
From the time of the first installation, the article will be provided once in the middle.
You can change parts to replace
You can use it comfortably. If you meet the wrong company
In the process of setting the date or time to install
It is said that it may take a long time.
However, I also have a schedule
Catch me quickly and on a relatively close day
I installed it so I could use it quickly.

He installed it faster than I thought.
It's different because it's the expert's hand.
It was okay to use it after installation.
First of all, it was really good from a hygienic point of view.
The nozzle is made of stainless steel
Even if I was worried about rust, I didn't have to.
And even the details of washing
I was able to do it meticulously.
When I saw these various parts
Clean toilet seats filled with bacteria
I wanted to be able to manage it.

Water pressure can be adjusted in 5 steps.
Basically, adjust the water pressure according to your preference.
I could do it.
The nozzle with water inside is unusual
There were two, the white color is the cleaning function
Pink was for women.
In this pink nozzle, 15 cleaning holes
It is fine as the soft water flows out.
I was able to clean with less irritation.
It has less irritation but upgrades the cleaning power
It can be considered as a part that considers women.
The bidet rental product installed this time
I thought it was okay to be considerate.

In particular, this product is basically washed
The function is subdivided to suit the user
It was supposed to be usable.
The ability to adjust the nozzle position and hot water
Of course it was necessary.
The sheet can be warmed, but the temperature
I could adjust it in any direction
There was also a massage function.
I was curious about what it was, so I tried it
Continue to increase the water pressure from the nozzle
They were shooting while adjusting.
It is said that this induces pleasure.
It was a little embarrassing, but it felt cool.

There are also children's functions, so they can
I thought it would be convenient to use it.
Actually, I was wondering if children could use it
Looking for product information, if you are over 3 years old
It is said to be usable.
Even my nephews could come and play.
Because it can be used by various age groups
I wanted to be able to share it with my whole family.

People recommended me Top Guide.

I thought the filter was only used for water purifiers.
It is also said to be used to purify water.
Rust or debris that might be in tap water,
You can use it by filtering all suspended matter.
After washing the precious place with clean purified water
I definitely wanted to be much more hygienic than tissue paper.
Then, should I take care of the installed filters?
There is no need to worry.
Since it is a bidet rental, the filters and details
It can be managed through regular visits.

Actually, it's not easy to manage the toilet seat.
However, this product has its own human hands.
There is also a function that washes down the toilet
It was also possible to manage hygienically.
There is also a Green Plus function, a power saving technology.
When not in use, it goes into sleep mode.
This way, the product without power saving function
It is said that the electricity bill is reduced by 1/3.
So I always put the code in without hesitation
Even if you use it all day, you will be hit by an electricity bill
I couldn't believe it, so I could use it with confidence.

Also, a seat sensor is attached to the cover.
I actually sensed that a person was sitting on the toilet
This is what makes it work.
In case children are playing the wrong button
It works for the wrong situation, so people
I wanted to have nothing to do with the toilet.
Considering various situations like this
Made smart and comfortable
I am using it.
At first, having a strange sensation in your butt
I was unfamiliar, but I'm using it right now.

When using a bidet, constipation or hemorrhoids
It is said to be good.
The stream of water from the product is around the anus.
It stimulates the massage.
It's because it stimulates capillaries.
Thanks to that, I was constipated
I am enjoying the freshness.
If anyone thinks of going to bidet rental
Please inquire once where I was installed.
I have a discount here,
I also took care of the free gifts.
If you are worried about using it, please contact us.

Are you comfortable going to the bathroom?I have suffered from constipation these days It's not just this. Besides, some family members have hemorrhoids You need to rent a bidet these days. I thought a lot. But when I tried it once, There was a horri
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