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The Balanced Life System- -Covid-19 Update

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While this is a global pandemic for each person it is a personal tragedy.  I am not trying to address large solutions I am trying to bring positive change to individuals and families.

* Are you ready to start living a great life that doesn't depend on what's going on in the world around you?

*Do you find yourself pouring over daily briefs watching your reserves disappear--if you even had any--and your credit card balance rising while you wait for a government bail out to arrive, hoping it will make it in time?  

*Are you like the majority of Americans who cannot survive a loss of income from more than a couple of paychecks?

*Are you concerned that all of the hoarding will mean you won't have what you need for your family?

*Do you have any kind of plan to endure this quarantine, no matter how long it lasts?

    If you are tired of watching the news, helplessly waiting for it to dictate your future, and you want to focus your energy on securing a better future, keep reading because that is exactly what I did. I was prepared for this storm and I am going to show you how I did it.   

     Using the tools I used to take my family from poverty to prosperity, I will show you how to create your own success plan and you can start today. But this isn't about writing goals and happy thoughts. These are practical tools you will continue to use long after this is over. This represents over a decade of trial-and-error. This includes: Lessons, tools, explanations (audio and edited transcript) and illustrations. I take you step-by-step.

      Here are some of the questions I've answered already in this program.

*Do I have what I need if we can't leave our homes for an extended period of time?

*What do I still need?

*How will I pay the bills?

*How can I reduce the grocery bill and still stay fed?

*I feel bored and lonely.

*Why did this have to happen?

*How can I help my kids learn when I have to work?

*Why am I still not able to get anything done, even when I'm home all day?

*I feel so overwhelmed, where do I even begin?

*I'm caring for a sick loved-one and I am afraid.

   I've included tools that I use to get results, but you may wonder if I have any idea what I'm talking about? The short answer is yes. If that answer is sufficient buy now.  If you want the long answer, here is a bit on my story... My husband and I married at 20, shortly after he became an EMT. Two years, later I finished college and we decided I would be a stay-at-home mom. He completed his paramedic training a few days before I gave birth to our 1st daughter when I was 22. I was feeling great about our future.

   By 25, we owned a home and had 2 children. Money was tight, but we were making it. At 27, we had our 3rd child and I was beginning to homeschool the oldest. At 29, we adopted and I began to telecommute as a freelance writer.

   Six months later my husband was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and all of our income dropped to zero.

     I faced what many of you have to face today and like you, it hit me in a span of a few weeks and I wasn’t prepared.    So, I know what it is like to have someone immune compromised, to be quarantined on your property, to not be able to access the most basic necessities and to have no idea when it would end. We had no prospects to go back to work. The government had denied us any form of assistance and I was turned down (despite my degree) for jobs at fast food restaurants and entry level positions. Through all this I was trying to telecommute to the best of my ability. I picked up freelance work where I could while teaching my kids at home and chasing a toddler.

   Over the next 10 years we were knocked down again and again as the American economy got worse and jobs disappeared. Then both of our vehicles broke down and we lived in a rural area with no access to any form of public transportation.

   What I did NOT have was access to this resource. We had to figure this out using trial and error. Small changes and a sudden influx of a couple thousand dollars and everything started to improve. That was because I had a clear plan to follow when we got money and I executed it. It changed our whole life. You too may be looking ahead to a government stimulus check or an unemployment benefit pay out. It could be your turning point--or the beginning of positive days.

   That was in 2005 and when this crisis hit in 2020 I had the ability to weather the storm for months because I had a plan for challenging times. The things that I had learned were all about balance. It involves balance in your mind, in your finances, in your outlook, and in your relationships. We didn't hoard. We didn't buy extra. We didn't need toilet paper.

   This crisis is going to end at some point. Our world, our country, and our lives will all be different. For those of you who use this, I hope that those memories will be how you turned tragedy into elevation.  

  In short I hope that you will use this time to bring balance to your life, peace to your home, and a mindset that is committed to creating opportunities instead of letting life happen to you.

   Are you ready to stop reading opinions from people who are in the same mess you are currently in and instead start getting some results like I am? If you are, then begin to make that happen. Rewrite the ending to this story.

For more information go to - While this is a global pandemic for each person it is a personal tragedy. I am not trying to address large solutions I am trying to bring positive change to individuals and families. * Are you r
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