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COVID-19, this new Coronavirus that affects all countries in the world, is forcing the various states to take restrictive measures. We are advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people as much as possible. We’re not going to lie to ourselves; containment is a bit boring. So here are 30 activities to do at home to avoid boredom.

1. Hanging out on social networks

We didn’t wait for the lockdown to spend our lives on social networks. But a good laugh, thanks to a tweet, is already better than putting up with your little brother’s bad jokes.

2. Creating content for social networks

Now that you have a little more time, you can have fun making more posts. Why don’t you improvise a photoshoot? Turn your room into a studio. You’ll have plenty of photos to post. Make videos, Tik Tok’s.

3. telecommuting

Anyway, your boss will never let you hang around in this quarantine, so chances are you’re working from home.

4. Netflix

No, but logical! The time we were looking for to catch up on all the series we couldn’t finish is here. Let us enjoy it! What more could you ask for than a marathon of films with your darling and/or family?

5. Cleaning up

Come on! Are you going to tell me you haven’t thought about it? The cobwebs on the wall, the dust on the bookcase, doesn’t that mean anything to you? This lockdown is the perfect opportunity for a cleanup. But a real one! The kind of cleaning where you move the chairs, cleans the floor, the windows, and even the cutlery that you only take out once a year.

6. Playing with children

You don’t have to say it. I bet they get you drunk already! Well, good luck!

7. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Do you want to be the coolest mom in the world? Prepare the clues and hide them in the house. Each one should lead to the next, and the final should bring the winner to a special prize; a kiss from Mommy, maybe?

8. Build a fort

You know the type! Cushions from the living room couch, sheets, flashlights, the whole deal. Kids love that stuff. I don’t know why.

9. Make a wish list

Alone, with boyfriend or kids, make a list of everything you want to do before you die (from Coronavirus?!) Too early for a joke like that? All right then, I’ll stop.

10. Reading books

It’s time to read all the books you bought but couldn’t read because of a lack of time and laziness too.

11. Costume Party

One of the most fun things to do at home is to get dressed. Choose a theme (retro/cut-shifted) and make sure everyone is excited enough to make an effort. Prepare snacks, drinks, and music according to the topic, and let’s get the show on the road!

12. Karaoke Night

Reveal the Beyoncé in you. Sing along to the latest hits with your roommate, your sweetheart, or the family.

13. Playing board games

If you have a set of chess, checkers or Scrabble, it’s time to get them out of the dungeon. Play as a family or with your roommate. Do quizzes, mime games! Make this confinement fun.

14. Learn new languages

Have you always wanted to learn Mandarin? What are you waiting for? If you’re bored, you might as well learn as much as you can.

15. Cooking

By the end of the quarantine, we’ll all have gained 10 pounds. But who cares? We’re going to cook with love and eat with passion.

16. Organize a barbecue

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, have a family barbecue. There are some awesome barbecue recipes online.

17. Sew a dress

Sure, you’re going to be the best-dressed one after this lockdown!

18. Wake up the artist in you.

Why don’t you paint? Have you thought about photography, sculpture (he must have some modeling clay lying around somewhere!), collage? Revive the kindergarten child in you. Have fun with your hands.

19. Learn to program

Python… It’sIt’s the only programming language I know! But anyway, you get the idea.

20. Writing a novel

Have you always wanted to be the next Chimamanda Adichie? Work on that novel idea you’ve been dragging around for years. Go on!

21. Learn how to make cocktails

For anonymous alcoholics!

22. Planning Your Next Getaway

What better way to survive prison than to think about escaping? Think about your next trip, the steps you need to take: look for airline tickets, the hotel offers, or even a luxury cruise.

23. Having an indoor picnic

Put your best blankets on the living room floor and make sandwiches and other cold snacks. Sweets and fresh juice will add to the atmosphere. Garland lights around the room for an ethereal atmosphere, and you’re done!

24. Organize a Fire Poker Night

Well, it’s unlikely that you’ll be confined to your usual poker buddies, but it can be fun anyway! Whether you’re throwing it for fun or money, a poker night is a good fun time. Add drinking games and wear sunglasses – pro poker style – for even more hilarity.

COVID-19, this new Coronavirus that affects all countries in the world, is forcing the various states to take restrictive measures. We are advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people as much as possible. We’re not going to lie t
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