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SOC 100 Wk 1 Individual: Theory and Culture Quiz






    1. Copy only on Word document.



    1. Do not change the format.



    1. Answer the questions byMarkingXin the Correct Answer box.



    1. Post in the assignment file.




Quiz 1


Question 1: The sociological perspective stresses the social contexts in which people live. Including:



SOC 100 Wk 2 Individual: Socialization and Social Structure Worksheet


Socialization, social structure, and social interaction take similar roles in developing social behavior. This assignment requires you to describe the aspects and theories of how individuals develop as social beings and what contributes to those processes.


Complete the Socialization and Social Structure Worksheet.


Submit your completed worksheet.






SOC 100 Wk 3 Individual: Sociological Perspectives and Social Groups Worksheet


Sociologists use sociological perspectives to view different aspects of social life. In this assignment, you apply the three dominant sociological perspectives to the concepts of marriage, family, education, and religion. You also differentiate between two types of social groups to understand how these groups function in society.


Complete the Sociological Perspectives and Social Groups Worksheet.


Submit your completed worksheet.






SOC 100 Wk 4 Individual: Social Behavior and Inequalities Summary


Different social behaviors occur within society as well as social inequalities. How do these social behaviors and social inequalities develop? This assignment requires you to examine these concepts in more depth and explain what you have learned.


Write a 350- to 525-word summary of the concepts related to deviance and social inequalities.

Ensure you do the following:




    • Describe the concept of deviance.



    • Describe how each sociological perspective explains deviance.



    • Describe factors that contribute to social inequalities.





Include a minimum of one source.


Submit your summary.






SOC 100 Wk 5 Individual: Social Change Presentation

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