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SCI 163T Wk 3 Week 3 Exam

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SCI 163T Wk 3 Week 3 Exam


An 80-proof beverage contains ________ alcohol.

Multiple Choice



8 percent



30 percent



40 percent



80 percent



A light beer contains the same amount of alcohol as a regular beer.

True or False



A person who meets ________ of the DSM-5 criteria for substance use disorder would be categorized as having a moderate substance use disorder.

Multiple Choice















Which is the most widely used illegal drug in the United States?

Multiple Choice















Which best describes the reason that tobacco use persists in the United States?

Multiple Choice



Most restaurants have resisted becoming smoke-free for fear of losing profits.



Aggressive lobbying efforts by the tobacco industry results in limitations on FDA regulations.



Colleges and universities refuse to ban smoking on campus.



Americans do not find the cost of cigarettes to be a burden.



Which is the LEAST likely cause of sudden death from cocaine use?

Multiple Choice



increased reuptake of dopamine



cerebrovascular accident






cardiac arrest



Which illness increases the risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer in heavy drinkers?

Multiple Choice









hepatitis C






Which symptom has been linked to ephedrine use?

Multiple Choice



low blood pressure






cardiac arrhythmia



All answer choices are correct.



What is a physiological effect of a central nervous system stimulant?

Multiple Choice



increased blood pressure



dilation of blood vessels



decreased gastric secretions



constriction of the bronchial tubes



Cindy uses injected amphetamines to stay awake at her night job. Which symptom is most likely in the morning when the drug wears off?

Multiple Choice



appetite suppression



vigor and euphoria



uneasiness and irritability



increased mental clarity



Over 80% of deaths due to alcohol are caused by chronic conditions.

True or False



Which would be considered a psychoactive drug?

Multiple Choice

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