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SCI 163T Wk 2 Week 2 Exam

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SCI 163T Wk 2 Week 2 Exam


The best way to ensure consistency with an exercise program is to

Multiple Choice



keep a training journal.



exercise with a friend.



join a fitness club.



exercise first thing every day.



The primary function of vitamins is to

Multiple Choice



serve as an important component of muscle.



provide texture and flavor to foods.



regulate various processes within cells.



None of the answer choices are correct.



The best fluid replacement during a 45-minute exercise session is

Multiple Choice



non-fat milk.



cool water.



a sports drink.



any caffeine-free soft drink.



When reducing fat intake, the emphasis should be placed on lowering intake of

Multiple Choice



omega-3 fatty acids.



linoleic acid.



trans fatty acids.



monounsaturated fats.



All of the following are considered functional foods EXCEPT

Multiple Choice



fruit and nut bars.



iodized salt.



yogurt with live active cultures.



orange juice with calcium.



An example of a snack that is low in energy density is

Multiple Choice












ice cream.



Exercise is a subset of physical activity that is

Multiple Choice



discontinuous and unplanned.



planned, structured, and repetitive.



not a contributor to physical fitness.



random or unstructured.



An individual considering using dietary supplements or drugs to enhance performance should understand that

Multiple Choice



supplements can help change an untrained person into a fit person.



anabolic steroids are a safe way to increase strength.



supplements are usually inexpensive ways to build strength.



the long-term effects of many supplements are unknown.



Most of the fats in food are in the form of

Multiple Choice






low-density lipids.






high-density lipids.



High levels of which of the following are associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease?

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