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SCI 163T Wk 1 Week 1 Exam

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SCI 163T Wk 1 Week 1 Exam


The autonomic nervous system directly controls all the following EXCEPT

Multiple Choice






heart rate.



voluntary muscle contraction.



blood pressure.



Which of the following statements about those who suffer from bipolar disorder is TRUE?

Multiple Choice



Sufferers of bipolar disorder may undergo periods of impulsive behavior with little regard to consequences.



Manic episodes of those with bipolar disorder do not impair normal life functions.



Those with bipolar disorder are often able to avoid substance abuse because of their own unnatural levels of energy.



While often manic, sufferers of bipolar disorder rarely feel irritable or unhappy.



Which of the following statements about fear is FALSE?

Multiple Choice



It is a basic and useful emotion.



It is considered to be a problem if it is out of proportion to real danger.



Anxiety is a form of fear.



It is most useful when it occurs on a daily basis.



The psychodynamic model includes all of the following EXCEPT

Multiple Choice



facilitation of self-exploration.



focusing on the present more than the past.



understanding one’s feelings toward his or her therapist and others.



therapists providing explanations to their patients.



Shelia is 25 pounds overweight. All her relatives are also significantly overweight, and she sees this as the reason that she has been unable to be successful in losing weight despite having tried a variety of diets. Based on this information, you conclude that Sheila has

Multiple Choice



poor self-esteem.



a lack of self-confidence.



an external locus of control.



an internal locus of control.



According to Erikson, the final stage of moral development is explaining right and wrong in terms of rules.

True or False



The preferred method of treatment for seasonal affective disorder is

Multiple Choice






light therapy.



drug therapy.



electroconvulsive therapy.



Which of the following is a helpful strategy to use when you feel lonely?

Multiple Choice



Find ways of enjoying yourself when you are alone.



Fill your time as much as possible to limit alone time entirely.



Stay in a romantic relationship, even if it’s not really making you happy anymore.



Blame other people for rejecting you.



Income and education are correlated with health status. The relationship between the poverty rate and health status is a(n) ________ one and the relationship between education level and health status is a(n) ________ one.

Multiple Choice



direct; direct



inverse; direct



direct; inverse



inverse; inverse



According to Maslow, basic human needs are ranked in the following order from most urgent to least urgent:

Multiple Choice





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