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HRM 548 Week 1 Chern’s Case Study


Resources: Strategic Staffing, Ch. 1 and Strategic Staffing, Appendix Strategic Staffing at Chern’s: A Case Study; Chern’s Case Study Grading Guide

Refer to Chern’s Case Study in the appendix of Strategic Staffing.

Write at least three realistic process and outcome goals in a total of 525 words for staffing the position of sales associate positions at Chern’s.

Relate how the process goals you have set align with the business goals, and explain why this is important in no more than 175 words.

Use Table 1-2 and Table 1-3 in Strategic Staffing, Ch. 1 for reference.

Submit your assignment.


HRM 548 Week 2 Job Duties and Characteristics


Resource: Job Duties and Characteristics Grading Guide

Use either your current position or a position that you would like to obtain to create job duties and at least three KSAOs (knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics).

Answer the following questions in 350 words for each KSAO:




    • Is the KSAO necessary prior to hiring, or can it be trained?



    • What is the importance of each characteristic relative to the others?



    • What is the approximate time the employee will spend on each duty?


HRM 548 Week 3 Team Assignment: Sourcing Top Talent Review


Resources: Strategic Staffing, Ch. 6; Sourcing Top Talent Review Grading Guide

Read the opening vignette, “Sourcing Top Talent at McAfee” on page 143 in Strategic Staffing, Ch. 6.

Assess the following in 350 to 525 words:


HRM 548 Week 3 Internal Versus External Candidates Worksheet


Complete the Internal Versus External Candidates worksheet.

Submit your assignment.


HRM 548 Week 4 Team: Top Performers Case Study


Resources: Strategic Staffing, Ch. 11; Top Performers Case Study Grading Guide

Read the opening vignette in Ch. 11, “Hiring Top Performers at MarineMax” on page 304 in Strategic Staffing, Ch. 11.


HRM 548 Week 4 Individual: Background Check Analysis


Resource: Background Check Analysis Grading Guide

Write a 525- to 700-word paper in which you complete the following:


HRM 548 Week 5 Team Assignment: Downsizing Strategy


Resources: Strategic Staffing, Appendix Strategic Staffing at Chern’s: A Case Study and Strategic Staffing, Ch. 12; Downsizing Strategy Grading Guide


HRM 548 Week 6 Team Assignment Staffing Metrics Evaluation

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