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CCMH 504 Week 1 Family and Lifespan Developmental Theories Brochure


Resource: Brochure Builder


Imagine you are currently working for a family counseling agency and have been asked to create an educational brochure to explain the different perspectives on lifespan and family development.


Include the following in your 6-panel brochure:




    • A description of each of the major perspectives on lifespan development, along with a behavioral example of each



    • An outline of the stages in the family life cycle, as well as how they relate to individual lifespan developmental stages



    • An explanation of systems theory, as well as how it applies to family development



    • A description of the interrelations between work, family, and other life roles in family development





Include images and graphics, as appropriate.


Include at least two additional sources beyond the textbook, formatted consistent with APA guidelines.


Submit your assignment.





CCMH 504 Week 2 Team – Prenatal and Infant Development Presentation


Imagine your team has been asked to present an informative presentation on prenatal or infant development.

Choose a developmental period within prenatal or infant development.


Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation describing your assigned developmental period. In your presentation, address the following:




    • Describe the stages of development within your chosen developmental period.



    • Describe the developmental milestones in the chosen developmental period.



    • Describe the influence of genetics, maternal nutrition, and environment on your chosen developmental stage.



CCMH 504 Week 3 Team – Social Development Intervention Plan Presentation


Imagine you are working in a child advocate team at an elementary school, and your team has been asked to evaluate a child’s social and personality development.


CCMH 504 Week 4 Team – Developmental Stage Population Questionnaire and Interview Project


Design a developmentally appropriate questionnaire for individuals in the adolescent stage of development.



CCMH 504 Week 4 Challenges in Adolescence Reflection


Reflect on the following questions based on your teenage years. Respond to the questions at your comfort level. Your responses will not be submitted with your assignment.




CCMH 504 Week 5 Adult Development Analysis


Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word personal analysis that includes the following:




CCMH 504 Week 6 Team – Developmental Stage Brochure


Resource: Brochure Builder



CCMH 504 Week 6 Late Adulthood Interview Paper

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