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BIS 221T Wk 1 Discussion - Methods of Communication

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BIS 221T Wk 1 Discussion – Methods of Communication





Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation credit.


Due Thursday


Select your group and please post a good, substantive reply with at least 100 words to one of the following questions (please copy the question’s short title at the top of your reply so we all know what you are replying to) or, on the other hand, post substantive, 100-word replies to our classmates (it’s your choice to post a new reply to the following questions or reply to a classmate instead) The total number of posts in either case must be three 100-word posts for full credit – the first post must be done by Thursday and the other two must be done at most by Monday:


OS: Describe the general functions of operating systems. Which are common operating systems used in personal computing devices nowadays?

FOLDERS: Let’s suppose that you want to retain all the documents that you will generate in this five-week class in a folder (or in several folders.) How would you structure the folder(s)? What would you save in it(them) and how would you name the individual files?

ONE DRIVE: How would you use OneDrive (a standard component of Office 365)? What CAN it be used for?

RAM: What is RAM and why is it important when working with software? How do you determine the minimum amount of RAM required to run a program? How can you upgrade your computer if it doesn’t have enough RAM?

SHORTCUTS: What is a “keyboard shortcut” (a.k.a. “hotkey)? Which do we have available in Office 365 and how can we use them?

MODES: Compare different modes of communicating with other people. Why might email be more effective than, for example, a voice call, texting, or letter-writing for conveying information to more than one person at a time?

NON-OPTIMAL: For what kinds of communications is email not an optimal communications method?

BENEFITS: What are the current technologies that benefit business? How do these benefit you personally and professionally?

PURCHASING: What guidelines should businesses follow when purchasing hardware? What guidelines do you personally follow when purchasing hardware?

SKYPE: What are some features of Skype for Business that would be beneficial for business?


Please remember to post at least three (3) 100-word posts for full credit. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

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