Superego Live: Riot LA • 1/17/15 | Audio Books | Comedy

Superego Live: Riot LA • 1/17/15

Superego Live: Riot LA • 1/17/15 SEL-20150117
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SPECIAL GUESTS: James Adomian, Erinn Hayes, and Steve Agee

CASE STUDIES: The Orchard Glen High School Faculty, H.R. Giger, The Gorsock Murder Tour, PumpTV, Buffum’s Fragrance Counter, Listening To Looks At Books, The Boys Of Cell Block C,and Reverend Leroy Jenkins

SPECIAL GUESTS: James Adomian, Erinn Hayes, and Steve Agee CASE STUDIES: The Orchard Glen High School Faculty, H.R. Giger, The Gorsock Murder Tour, PumpTV, Buffum’s Fragrance Counter, Listening To Looks At Books, The Boys Of Cell Block C,and R
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