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DAT 565 Wk 1 – Introduction and Understanding of Data Analysis and Analytics


The individual assignments in this course will build into a final report and presentation for a target organization.

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce the student to basic concepts in Data Analysis and Data Analytics (Data Science). Students will analyze data to make business decisions.

When exploring organizations for use in the Week 1 assignment, consider the use of one of the organizations in the Week 5 and 6 assignments. Keep in mind the availability of data that can be loaded into SAS® Visual Analytics for data analysis (i.e. choose a company that has data available). You may also consider an organization or market where sample data already exists within the SAS® Visual Analytics program. Review the Getting Started in SAS® Studio training video and you will see examples of available data.


Search the Internet and/or the University Library using a phrase such as, “companies that use data analysis.” If you choose to utilize the University Library, use the following steps:




    1. Click on University Library.



    1. Click on the Research Guides



    1. Click on Business.



    1. Enter a phrase like “companies that use data analysis” in the Enter Search Terms





Evaluate data analysis and data analytics in a minimum of 700 words, and include the following:




    • Identify two or more organizations that utilize data analysis and data analytics.



    • Identify one or more examples of information being collected and analyzed by the organizations.



    • Assess the importance of data analysis on the successful operation of the organizations.



    • Describe how effective application of data science has grown revenues, increased profits, or led to other positive outcomes for at least one of the organizations.





Cite a minimum of one peer-reviewed reference from the University Library.


Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


Submit your assignment.






DAT 565 Wk 2 – Data Analysis Exercise and Proposed Data Analysis Topic Selection



DAT 565 Wk 3 Team – Data Analysis Peer Review




DAT 565 Wk 3 – Introduction to SAS®-Based Data Analysis



DAT 565 Wk 4 – Applying Analysis to a Business Issue or Opportunity



DAT 565 Wk 5 Team – Business Analysis – Learning Team Review and Recommendations




DAT 565 Wk 5 – Final Data Analysis Results and Recommendations



DAT 565 Wk 6 – Using Data Visualization

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