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CJS 251 Wk 1 Quiz

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CJS 251 Wk 1 Quiz


Question 1

A legal principle that ensures previous judicial decision are authoritatively and incorporated into future cases.



Stare decisis









Code of Hammurabi



Question 2

The portion of the Fourteenth Amendment that has been used by the US Supreme Court to make certain protection specified in the Bill of Rights applicable to the states.




Due Process Clause



Citizenship Clause



Equal Protection Clause



Privilege and Immunity Clause



Question 3

The authority of a state to enact and enforce a criminal statute.



Bill of Rights



Statutory law



Police Power



Common Law State



Question 4

The maxim that an orderly society must be governed by established principles and known codes that are applied uniformly and fairly to all of its embers.



Judicial review



Adversarial system



Rule of law






Question 5

A judicial system comprising federal- and state-level judicial systems.




Dual court systems



Dual federalism



Cooperative federalism






Question 6

The legal principle that requires that courts be bound by their own earlier decision and by those of higher courts have jurisdiction over the regarding subsequent cases on similar issues of law and fact.



Case law



Stare decisis



Due process



Selective Incorporation



Question 7

Laws originating from use and custom rather than from written statutes.



Common Law



Ancient Laws



Civil Law



Roman Law



Question 8

The first secular written legal code.



Code of Hammurabi



Twelve Tables



Ancient Laws



Roman Law



Question 9

Rules promulgated by government agencies that have been given their authority by the executive branch or legislative branch.









Civil Law



Administrative regulations



Question 10

To argue or to find that a rule established by an earlier appellate court decision does not apply to a case currently under consideration.






Stare Decisis



Judicial Review






Question 11

The form of law that governs relationships between parties.



Civil Law



Contract Law



Common Law



Criminal Law



Question 12

The Constitutional provision that is concerned with ensuring fairness.



Substantive due process






Procedural due process



Presumption of Innocence

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