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Komatsu WA270-7 Wheel Loader Service Manual Download

Komatsu WA270-7 Wheel Loader Service Manual Download PLDZ-698
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Komatsu WA270-7 Wheel Loader Service Manual Download

Komatsu WA270-7 Wheel Loader Service Manual SN: A27001

This factory service manual contains detailed maintenance, service, repair and troubleshooting procedures for the WA270-7 Wheel Loader (SN A27001 & Up). The service manual is a must for all WA270-7 Wheel Loader (SN A27001 & Up) owners, operators and mechanics. Print off the pages including detailed diagrams and accurate illustrations you need at any time and save time and money on repairs.

Manual Covers:

Specification drawing
Weight table
Table of fuel, coolant, and lubricants

Structure and function
Engine and cooling system
Engine related parts
EGR system piping drawing
EGR system circuit diagram
EGR valve
EGR cooler
KCCV layout drawing
KCCV ventilator
Cooling system
Cooling fan motor
Power train
Power train system
Layout of power train parts
HST pump
HST motor1
HST motor2
Clutch solenoid valve
Drive shaft
Torque proportional differential
Limited slip differential
Final drive
Steering system
Layout of steering devices
Steering column
Priority valve
Cushion valve
00-2 WA270-7
00 Index and foreword
Emergency steering valve
Orbitrol valve
2way restrictor valve
Brake system
Layout of brake parts
Brake accumulator charge valve
Brake valve
Brake accumulator
Slack adjuster
Parking brake control
Parking brake
Parking brake solenoid valve
Undercarriage and frame
Axle mount
Center hinge pin
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic component layout
Work equipment control
Hydraulic tank
Double type gear pump
Steering and work equipment pump
Control valve
Hydraulic circuit diagram and names of valves
Self-pressure reducing valve
Work equipment PPC valve
Work equipment lock solenoid valve
PPC circuit accumulator
ECSS accumulator
Work equipment
Work equipment linkage
Cab and its attachments
ROPS cab
Cab mount
Electrical system
Engine control system
Preheating system
Engine output limit function
Automatic warm-up function
Parking brake control system
System operating lamp function
Battery disconnect switch function
HSTcontroller system
Machine monitor system
Rearview monitor system
KOMTRAX system
System component parts

Standard value tables
Standard service value table
Standard value table for engine
Standard value table for machine
Standard value table for electrical system

Testing and adjusting
Related information on testing and adjusting
Tools for testing and adjusting
Sketch of tools for testing and adjusting
Engine and cooling system
Testing engine speed
Testing boost pressure
Testing exhaust gas temperature
Testing exhaust gas color
Testing and adjusting valve clearance
Testing compression pressure
Testing blowby pressure
Testing engine oil pressure
Testing EGR valve and KVGT driving oil pressure
Testing fuel pressure
Testing fuel discharge, return and leakage
Bleeding air from fuel system
Testing fuel circuit for leakage
Handling cylinder cutout mode operation
Handling no-injection cranking operation
Testing of KDPF and muffler stack for looseness and damage
Testing of installed condition of cylinder heads and manifolds
Testing engine piping for damage and looseness
Testing and adjusting air conditioner compressor belt tension
Replacing alternator belt
Power train
Testing oil leakage from axle final drive
Testing drive shaft for looseness, backlash, and damage
Testing accelerator pedal
Testing and adjusting HSToil pressure
Testing transfer clutch control pressure
Steering system
Testing directional lever
Testing steering wheel
Testing work equipment control lever
Testing and adjusting steering circuit oil pressure
Bleeding air from steering cylinder circuit
Brake system
Testing brake pedal
Testing braking performance
Testing and adjusting of accumulator charge pressure
Testing wheel brake oil pressure
Testing lowering of wheel brake pressure
Testing wear of wheel brake disc
Bleeding air from wheel brake circuit
Releasing remaining pressure in brake accumulator circuit
Testing parking brake performance
Testing wear of parking brake disc
Testing parking brake release pressure
Method of releasing parking brake manually
Hydraulic system
Testing cooling fan speed
Testing cooling fan pump circuit oil pressure
Bleeding air from hydraulic fan circuit
Testing and adjusting work equipment PPC oil pressure
Testing and adjusting work equipment oil pressure
Bleeding air from work equipment circuit
Releasing remaining pressure from work equipment circuit
Testing ECSS accumulator nitrogen gas pressure and procedure for charging accumulator with
nitrogen gas
00-4 WA270-7
00 Index and foreword
Work equipment
Testing and adjusting bucket positioner and bucket proximity switch
Testing and adjusting boom position detection lever
Electrical system
Adjusting replaced, reassembled or added sensor, controller, etc
Special functions of machine monitor
Adjusting rearview camera angle
Handling voltage circuit of engine controller
Handling battery disconnect switch
Testing diodes
Pm clinic
Pm Clinic service
Check sheet

Related information on troubleshooting
Troubleshooting points
Sequence of events in troubleshooting
Checks before troubleshooting
Inspection procedure before troubleshooting
Preparation for troubleshooting of electrical system
Classification and procedures for troubleshooting
Symptom and troubleshooting numbers
Information described in troubleshooting table
Procedure for troubleshooting wiring harness of pressure sensor system for open circuit
Connector list and layout
Connector contact identification

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Komatsu WA270-7 Wheel Loader Service Manual Download Komatsu WA270-7 Wheel Loader Service Manual SN: A27001This factory service manual contains detailed maintenance, service, repair and troubleshooting procedures for the WA270-7 Wheel Loader (SN A27
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