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Trapped in a Lift

Trapped in a Lift GILVOD
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Starring Hana Liska
Duration: 82 mins approx
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FILE: MP4 (42:45mins) (39:26 mins)
FILE SIZE: 563 Mb + 319 Mb
RESOLUTION: 720 x 480 (16 X 9)
BITRATE: 1832 kbps + 1127 kbps
AUDIO: Stereo 160 112kbps 48kHz Stereo
|Languages: English
Subtitles: None  
Picture Format: wide-screen (16x9)
Aka Trapped in a Lift
AKA Trapped in a Lift

She was booked to conduct a seminar for the Eastern Finance Company. But for Sonja Hartman, things did not go exactly to plan. She came with everything but the security man would make sure that she left with nothing..... 

Technical Note: This download version has been brightened up for PC viewing, Dialogue has been sharpened and the end theme has been changed. 

When you buy this film you also get an extra raw, uncut scene.

Starring Hana LiskaDuration: 82 mins approxVideo Download Version FILE: MP4 (42:45mins) (39:26 mins) FILE SIZE: 563 Mb + 319 MbRESOLUTION: 720 x 480 (16 X 9)BITRATE: 1832 kbps + 1127 kbpsFRAME RATE: 29 FPSAUDIO: Stereo 160 112kbps 48kHz Stereo|Langua
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