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MTH 219 Wk 4 Discussion - Rational Expressions

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MTH 219 Wk 4 Discussion - Rational Expressions

Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to other students. 

 Due Thursday 

Post a response of at least 175 words to one of the discussion prompts:

 Prompt 1

Watch the following Week 4 video:

  •  Khan Academy: “Proportion Word Problem: Cookies”

 Answer the following questions:

  •  Go outside on a sunny day near a tree and measure the length of your shadow. Then measure the length of the shadow cast by the tree. Without measuring the height of the tree, how tall is the tree?
  •  Explain the process you used to solve this problem. (Hint: You will need to use your height to answer this question.)
  •  What are other applications where proportions can help you solve for unknown information that might otherwise be hard to obtain?

 Prompt 2

Watch the following Week 4 video:

  •  Khan Academy: "Rational Equations Word Problem: Combined Rates”
  •  Answer the following questions:
  •  Think of a task that takes you a certain amount of time to complete (for example: mowing the yard, cleaning the house, etc.). Suppose your friend Sarah can complete the same task in half the time that you can. How long will it take you and Sarah to complete the task together?
  •  Note: You both have your own tools to complete the task.
  •  Explain the process you used to complete your calculations.

 Prompt 3

Watch one of the following Week 4 videos:

  •  Khan Academy: "Intro to Rational Expression Simplification"
  •  Khan Academy: "Simplifying Rational Expressions: common Binomial Factors"
  •  Patrick Just Math Tutorials: "Rational Expressions: Writing in Lowest Terms – Ex 1"
  •  Khan Academy: "Adding Rational Expressions: Unlike Denominators"

 Answer the following questions:

  •  How do you find the sum or difference of rational expressions with different denominators?
  •  Explain the process you use, and include an example with your explanation.

 Prompt 4

Watch the following Week 4 videos:

  •  Khan Academy: "Multiplying Rational Expressions: Multiple Variables"
  •  Khan Academy: "Multiplying Rational Expressions"
  •  Khan Academy: "Dividing Rational Expressions"
  •  Patrick Just Math Tutorials: "Rational Expressions: Multiplying and Dividing. Ex 1"

 Answer the following questions:

  •  How does multiplication and division of rational expressions compare to multiplication and division of fractions?
  •  How do they differ? Provide examples in your explanation.

 Due Monday 

Reply to at least 2 of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

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