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ENG 240 Week 1 Creative Writing Journal

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ENG 240 Week 1 Creative Writing Journal 

Refer to the following Week 1 - Required Learning Activities:

  •  The Practice of Creative Writing, Introduction
  •  The Practice of Creative Writing, Finding Focus
  •  The Practice of Creative Writing, Creative Reading

Welcome to creative writing! You're probably all here because you have a story or stories burning inside of you. Maybe you carry a journal, or take notes on your phone whenever a creative idea comes to you.

But first this week, take time to review the readings and reflect on the writing process. You should also look ahead to the assignments in the following weeks.


Write a 700- to 1,050-word journal entry that identifies the key elements of the writing process and describes what you have learned about creative reading. Consider the following:

  •  How will you apply what you have learned?
  •  What writing processes will you use?
  •  Is there a plan you would like to follow to spark your creativity in the next four weeks?
  •  What story ideas do you have that you would like to write about in the coming weeks? Explain.

Note: You do not have to use a particular style such as MLA or APA.

Submit your assignment.

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