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CIS 207 Week 5 Individual Career Plan (2019 New)

CIS 207 Week 5 Individual Career Plan (2019 New) PLDZ-10782
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CIS 207 Week 5 Individual Career Plan (2019 New)


  •  Ch. 1 "Introduction to Information Systems" of Introduction to Information Systems.

Career opportunities in IT are strong and are projected to remain strong over the next ten years. 

Research various IS and ITjob posting systems using such resources as the University Career Services, Monster, or the U.S. Department of Labor, to find the background and job requirements for different positions in the industry (e.g., systems analysts, business analysts, software engineering positions, etc.).

Use the software of your choice, such as Microsoft® Word or Excel®, to develop a 1-page career plan with answers to the following questions:

  •  What is the career goal (or position) you want to pursue and why?
  •  What is the salary range for your chosen Career Goal position?
  •  What are three skills you need to develop in order to get a job in your chosen career field? Why did you choose these skills?
  •  What are six tasks you need to complete in order to develop the skills you will need for this type of position? Include target dates for completion.

Submit your assignment.


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