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ECH 205 Week 2 Activity Booklet

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ECH 205 Week 2 Activity Booklet


Refer to the BabyCenter website and your brainstorm from the Collaborative Activity: Activity Booklet.


Create a booklet that contains activities for caregivers to use with newborns. Your booklet should contain five activities–one for each of the following developmental categories:




    1. Social development



    1. Emotional development



    1. Physical development



    1. Cognitive development



    1. Developmental area of your choice





Include the following for each activity:




    • The name of the activity



    • The developmental category it addresses



    • Description of the steps of the activity



    • An explanation of the purpose and benefits of the activity





Include an APA-formatted reference page in your booklet. 


Note: Microsoft Word users can access booklet templates through the software or on the Microsoft website. 


Add this document to your LiveBinders portfolio. 


Submit your booklet.

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