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OPS 350 Week 4 Pert Mustang Case Study

OPS 350 Week 4 Pert Mustang Case Study PLDZ-10613
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OPS 350 Week 4 Pert Mustang Case Study

Resource: Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains, Ch. 7

Read Case: The Pert Mustang at the end of Ch. 7 (pp. 273).

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you address the following points:

  •  Prepare the report that Vicky Roberts requested, assuming the project will begin immediately. Assume 45 working days are available to complete the project, including transporting the car to Detroit before the auto show begins.
  •  Discuss, briefly, the aspects of the proposed new business, such as the competitive priorities that Roberts asked about.
  •  Create a table containing the project activities used in the letter assigned to each activity, the time estimates, and the precedence relationships from which you will assemble the network diagram.
  •  Draw a network diagram of the project similar to Figure 7.3.
  •  Determine the activities on the critical path and the estimated slack for each activity.

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