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CJA 454 Week 4 Internet Article Analysis

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CJA 454 Week 4 Internet Article Analysis

Locate a news article published by a formal news organization (no blogs, personal websites, government press releases, etc.) on the Internet that addresses a current (meaning within the last two years) budgeting issue for an area of criminal justice administration in your state. This assignment is an analysis of the news article, and how the issue is presented within the article.

 Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper on the following:

  •  The main idea of the article and reasons for your choice
  •  The author's conclusions and recommendations
  •  Your own conclusions and recommendations

Identify in the first paragraph of the paper the name of the article you used as the basis for the assignment, along with the author, cited in proper APA style.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and use a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources no older than 10 years that discuss criminal justice in the United States to support your analysis. Additional resources are highly recommended. The article under examination is not counted toward the minimum of peer-reviewed sources. All paper formatting tools such as Riverpoint Writer or reference generators must be removed prior to submission. Fonts must be Arial or Times New Roman, 10pt or 12pt.


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