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COMM 110 Week 4 Persuasive Presentation

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COMM 110 Week 4 Persuasive Presentation


Oftentimes, one must persuade an audience to act. This requires the presenter to speak to the history of the presentation topic, as well as consider how best to persuade their audience to take the action suggested. If you find it helpful, you may wish to create an outline to help you prepare for your presentation.

Select a topic from the following list:




    • An issue in your community or on a national scale that requires a resolution, such as a local policy or law you feel should be created or changed



    • An event or action plan for your local community or workplace, such as hosting an art fair, introducing a recycling program, or cleaning up a local park



    • Another topic as approved by your instructor




Refer to the following Bongo tutorials:




    • How to Complete Individual Project



    • How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation on a Single Screen




Access Bongo™ by selecting the Presentation tab, then external content launch. Within the Activities List section of Bongo™, select the Persuasive Presentation Activity.

Create 5- to 7-minute video with an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation and accompanying visuals and narration in Bongo™ that does the following:




    • Summarizes the topic and the effect of the issue on the community



    • Proposes a solution or plan of action that addresses the selected issue or event, while including a balanced summary of potential audience responses in order to best persuade everyone to action



    • Includes visual aids and outside resources



    • Uses effective language to persuade your audience




Local Campus Students

Be prepared to give your Persuasive Presentation in class.

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