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COMM 110 Week 2 Informative Presentation

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COMM 110 Week 2 Informative Presentation


The most effective presentations are customized to the intended audience. Consider how an audience can influence the messaging for a presentation topic.

Part A

Select one topic and one audience from the following lists of potential topics and audiences.





    • A recent event in the news or from your community



    • A significant event in history



    • A summary of a national law



    • Another topic as approved by your instructor








    • A group of elementary or school-aged children



    • A group of recent high school graduates



    • A group of elderly adults



    • A group of your workplace superiors



    • A group of visiting scholars from a foreign country



    • Another group as approved by your instructor




Create an outline in preparation for your presentation, using the Informative Presentation Worksheet as a guide.

Refer to Ch. 15 of Public Speaking for College & Career for more information on informative speeches.

Submit your outline to the Assignment Files tab.


Part B

Review the following Bongo™ articles, to help you complete your recording:




    • How to Complete Individual Project



    • How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation on a Single Screen




Access Bongo™ by selecting the Worksheet tab, then external content launch. Within the Activities List section of Bongo™, select the Informative Presentation Activity.

Create a 5- to 8-minute informative video presentation in Bongo™ that is based on your outline and directed toward your selected audience about your selected topic.

Local Campus Students

Be prepared to give your presentation in class.

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