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This software is FREE, but it is NOT cheap. There are ZERO ads. There are ZERO surprises. It was written with passion and purpose.

Let me introduce Practice Today (Personal).

Consider the following scenarios.

You are standing in an Emergency Room with your injured child. The triage nurse hands you a clipboard requesting medical information, as your injured child is being wheeled away.

A clipboard. YES, you are handed a clipboard while your screaming child is being taken away behind closed doors with total strangers.

Instantly, you reach into your back pocket for your cell phone. You open Practice Today (Mobile) with your finger scan.

You select “Medical Info”, then “Detailed” medical record for your injured child. (Yes, you are an insightful parent, and you have placed your child’s medical record on YOUR cell phone anticipating this very moment.)

You notice a sign on the wall that displays the PracticeTodayID for the triage station. You click “SEND”, enter the PracticeTodayID, and then “Confirm”.

You have just sent your child’s complete medical record to the triage station. The attendant simply clicks VIEW on her workstation, and everything she needs is at her fingertips.

This took a total of ten seconds.

Let’s examine what just happened. Your injured child is no longer a stranger to the medical staff. They have everything they need to know about your child, you, and your insurance. You can now go comfort your child.

Let’s look at what you just sent to the triage station’s PracticeTodayID.

They know your details (name, address, phone number, employer etc.). They know your insurance details (company, subscriber ID#). They even have images of your insurance cards. They know your child’s complete medical history, including allergies, medications, diagnoses. They know your Primary Care Physician details, and the name of every other physician that has cared for your child since the beginning of time. They know the last time your child had an MRI. The list goes on and on, because you took the time to prepare for this moment.

How did this information get on your cell phone? With Practice Today (Personal), the very same software you are about to download.

Let’s consider another scenario.

It is Kindergarten Registration Day! You have been waiting for this day for five years. It has finally arrived, and you are prepared!

You are standing in line with your reluctant child in tow. All you need is a glance at the registration PracticeTodayID when you reach the front of the line.

It’s your turn. You enter the PracticeTodayID, click “Send”, and then “Confirm”.

The registrar takes a moment to review your documents on her computer. She smiles with approval. Registration is now complete, and it took a total of ten seconds with Practice Today (Mobile).

Let’s look at what you sent to the registrar.

They have electronic copies of all required documents, and forms. Certified Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Immunization Records, previous nursery school info, Health Check from the doctor, proof of residency. The list goes on and on. You have been meticulous in gathering all vital information for your family over the years with Practice Today (Personal), and you have uploaded selected info to your Practice Today (Mobile) app for this very moment.

As you walk back past the other parents standing in line holding folders bulging with papers, you notice the frightful looks on their faces. Your smile of confidence signals you were electronically prepared with Practice Today (Personal) and (Mobile),

Let’s consider another scenario.

You are an elementary school teacher who is responsible for twenty-five youthful begins. You have an upcoming field trip. Using Practice Today (Personal), you batch-upload a summary for every student to your cell phone. These summaries were prepared by each parent/guardian with their Practice Today (Personal) and forwarded to your PracticeTodayID. The summaries include all pertinent data – parental info, Medical Release forms, emergency cell numbers, student allergies. The list goes on and on.

Practice Today (Mobile) manages every piece of emergency data, about every student in your charge. Practice Today (Personal) allowed every parent to prepare their information and forward it to you. Their data is at the tip of your finger when you need it.

Let’s consider one last scenario.

You are strolling down Main Street in your small, quaint hometown in search of your afternoon latte. At that very moment, a shopkeeper places a “help wanted” sign in his window. The stark black and white sign jogs a faint memory. Just this morning, your mother reminded you that you needed a job, any job. Her persistence was noticeable. She even went so far as to upload your resume and employment history, along with references, to your Practice Today (Mobile) app. She used Practice Today (Personal) to gather your info, of course.

You approach the shopkeeper. You smile and introduce yourself. You ask if you could forward your resume to his PracticeTodayID. The shopkeeper is taken aback by your affable manner and is thoroughly impressed with the employment history you pulled out of your back pocket at a moment’s notice.

You get the job. You were electronically prepared with Practice Today (Mobile), with an assist from your mom and Practice Today (Personal).

Practice Today (Mobile) places the digital YOU (or someone in your charge) at the tip of your finger at a moment’s notice. If you need a medical record, an employment history, an academic transcript, financial data, or just simple contact information, it’s right there on your cell phone, under lock and key. Practice Today (Personal) prepares that data and sends it to your cell phone.

Practice Today (Personal) is FREE to download. There is zero cost to send information from your laptop/desktop to any destination with a PracticeTodayID.

Practice Today (Mobile) is FREE to download. There is a monthly subscription fee of 99cents to upload data to your cell phone.


This software is FREE, but it is NOT cheap. There are ZERO ads. There are ZERO surprises. It was written with passion and purpose. Let me introduce Practice Today (Personal). Consider the following scenarios. You are standing in an Emergency Room
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