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PSY 320 Week 3 Goal Setting Podcast

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PSY 320 Week 3 Goal Setting Podcast


Imagine your group is presenting to a company about how and why they should incorporate goal theory and goal setting in their employee development practices.

Note: You may want to use a company where one of the team members works.

Record a 3- to 4-minute podcast to be presented to the company in which you discuss the following:




    • The components of goal theory and how it can be beneficial in the workplace, including evaluations of the following:



    • Plans of action



    • Goal setting



    • Goal striving



    • Factors leading to goal disengagement



    • Examples of goal-setting practices applicable to the company.



    • An assessment of how well goal setting affects employee motivation.




Note: As this is a Learning Team assignment, work collaboratively to write the script for your podcast, and divvy up the duties of recording and editing the final deliverable. Submit your podcast as an MP4 file.

Include a written transcript of the podcast along with the audio file and in the transcript, include a reference section of sources used for this assignment.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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