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REL 133 Week 5 Shinto Presentation

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REL 133 Week 5 Shinto Presentation


Over the last five weeks, you have learned about different religions, their origins, and important facts about each.

Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to summarize the key ideas of the Shinto religion.

Include the following in your presentation:




    • A brief overview of important historical events in the Shinto religion



    • A description of the origins and rituals of Shinto



    • The role of the Shinto religion in Japanese society today




Include citations throughout your presentation and a references slide at the end. Format your citations according to APA guidelines. You may find helpful resources for completing your assignment in the Center for Writing Excellence in the University Library. 

Present your presentation.




    • Local campus students: Give a 10- to 15-minute oral presentation accompanied by your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.



    • Online and directed study students: Write detailed speaker notes for each slide of your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. 




Submit your assignment.

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