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SPE 300 Week 3 Mock IEP

SPE 300 Week 3 Mock IEP PLDZ-10077
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SPE 300 Week 3 Mock IEP






    • Student Profiles



    • Sample IEP



    • Arizona Department of Education – Special Education




Select one of the following profiles:




    • Derek



    • Jeremy



    • Leanna



    • Marty



    • Mwajabu




Conduct a mock IEP meeting for the student whose profile you selected. Each member of your team should play a specific role such as a regular education teacher, special education teacher, parent, district administrator, or evaluator.

Use the Wechsler Intelligence Scale and the Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement as guides to understand scoring.

Collaborate to develop an IEP specifically designed to meet the student’s needs.

Use your state-specific IEP form located on your state’s department of education site, or another IEP form approved by your instructor.

Include the following on your student’s IEP:




    • Student information



    • Student performance profile program eligibility



    • Special instructional considerations



    • Annual goals and benchmarks



    • Supplementary aids and related services



    • Special education placement



    • Special services



    • Transition services



    • Assessment modifications



    • Progress report



    • Transferal of rights



    • Recommended instructional and behavioral interventions



    • IEP development team




Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Note. All of the items listed above must be included in your submission. This may require your learning team to include an additional document if the IEP form your team selected does not include all of these components. Understanding all of these aspects of an IEP is key learning objective of this course.

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