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ENV 100 Week 2 Population Management

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ENV 100 Week 2 Population Management


Resources: Gamescape Episode 2 Results PDF and Ch. 4 and 7 of Visualizing Environmental Science

Complete Episode 2: “Managing Population Growth” Gamescape.

As president of the City Council, you have been invited by the Mayor to give a PowerPoint® presentation to Sparksville High School.

Develop a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with visual aids and speaker notes (these should be placed in the box below each slide or attached as a separate document) that explains the prairie dog land management issue, using your Gamescape Episode 2 Results PDF as a resource. APA format is needed for the title slide, citations, and references. Transitions should also be included to aid in the flow from one slide to the next. Include the following points:




    • A short introduction



    • From Chapter 7 (starting on page 181), discuss some of the environmental challenges and environmental benefits of urbanization. Explain how the prairie dog land management issues are related to the challenges of urbanization.



    • Explain the four factors that influence population growth (see page 161 of Chapter 7) using prairie dogs as an example to illustrate your points.



    • Briefly review why the natural environment is needed to support cities. Use the ecological role of prairie dogs and their benefit to land management and the city of Sparksville as one of your examples.



    • Describe the different policies that the city explored to manage prairie dog population growth.



    • Discuss the final management decision, and explain how it balanced urban development with environmental sustainability.



    • Include major challenges you faced in addressing this issue and reaching an optimal solution.



    • Discuss how any environmental hazards from this situation might affect human population, and if these hazards impacted the final decision regarding urban development.



    • Cite and reference two sources of information. The textbook can count as one of these sources.



    • A short conclusion




APA format is needed for your citations and references.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Gamescape Results PDF and your Presentation.

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