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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017 Full Genuine (PC DOWNLOAD)

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017 Full Genuine (PC DOWNLOAD) PLDZ-704
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Attention:WE DON'T SEND ANY DVD or physical media
We send product as digital delivery Only:you will receive the download links within 48-84 hours max at your email address:(usually instantly if the files available and we are online)

*Complete Full Version-Fully working
*Can be activated WORLDWIDE
*Lifetime Valid and Activation
*Full Stand-alone product Edition
*Pre-registered Offline Activation.We send the Full Authentic Software with Original Setup Files and registration activation files with authentic keys included
*GUARANTEED 100% Genuine, Unique,Full-Retail License!
*We provide you invoice with ean release codes etc,that can be used as proof of authenticity of this product
*100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back

Terms of Sales (UPDATED Feb.8, 2019)

*Attention Please Note:1
The full versions are divided into two categories.1)Purchased via adobe membership with registration membership (very costly method) 2) Purchased from adobe resellers but with no registration membership supported from adobe.(cheapest method) Both versions categories are full and legal.This software belong to the second category.The reason for this item being cheaper, is that it cannot be registered with creative cloud. Apart from this all functionaity and features are the exact same.
*We dont province any key to you can activate this program online via Adobe online purchased membership method.This version of the program has stand alone full License and support activation with manual method Offline
This software is NOT a Creative Cloud subscription.Can't be registered to account.Possible can be installed & activated on 2 computers,but we can warranty for one computer license only.This software may can,t be updated online because is stand-alone full edition.If you run any updater there is a possibility the update deactivate the software and you must do the activation process from the beginning to fix it.The reason is to the updater software try to install update,thinking you have the online registration membership edition and as a result deactivate the software falsely.Sometimes various antivirus and security software gives a false alarms and appeared various messages as security issues.These messages are normally and you must ignore it.These security messages appear, to confirm that the user actually wants to install this program on his computer in his will.We recommended to you temporarily disable antivirus protection when try to install this software.All files who we send are tested,are clean and are secure 100%

*Attention Please Note:2
For succesfully installation, please uninstall any previous same software do you have in trial,demo etc.You must intall the clean version who we provide you.You must follow exactly directions who we will give you about how to download and install your software .Please make sure to your operating system and your pc meet the minimum requirements needed to install and run this software.You must have some basic experience about how to use a computer..You must know how to download files from internet,how to communicate with email,how to manage files from computer,how to save your files,how to open and run files etc.At any case you will receive it detailed instructions about how to install this software with tutorial steps.We can full support you until you install successfully this software.Sometimes some software version can require the latest windows update for can work.If the software not run correctly ,please update your windows.We can guarantee the successful run the the mainly software only and not the future updates.We take no responsibility if you install future updates who can damage or deactivate the mainly software.This can happen due to updates can be in beta mode (test mode) or can contains software bugs etc.You can update this software at your own risk.Ιf for some reason the program loses the activation license and runs in a test mode, repeat the activation process of this software according to the instructions given to you at the installation.For any problem arising with the activation of this software, please contact us to we can find a solution

*Attention Please Note:3
If you liked this product please give us a positive feedback.For any problem or issue may exist or if you are not happy with our product and services please feel free to contact us.We resolve any issue that can be exist within a few hours and we guarantee your full satisfaction with our product and services.According with PayPal and international rules for any problem can be exist you must contact the sellers first before do any other actions.
Please do not make a complaint to any other party without having informed us of your claims first.If this happens, we will assume that you are doing it with a possible deception in order to harm the interests of our company.In this case, we will address directly to the legal department of our company and we will initiate legal proceedings against you for defamation of the company, spreading false news, attempting to damage our company etc

Refund Policy
Once receiving your order there are absolutely no refunds. The delivered product is guaranteed to be exactly as described and in working condition, if your delivered product is not as described or not in working condition, email us within 48 hours of delivery. In the case that your delivered product is not as described or not in working condition, a full refund will be issued for the full purchase amount.The purchaser should strictly follow the instructions for use of the product according to the manufacturer and following any installation instructions provided by the vendor. If the instructions for use are not followed correctly, do not indemnify for any malfunction of the product.We will not refund the buyer because they’ve changed their mind after receiving the product, because they’ve accidentally bought the wrong product, or because they found the product cheaper somewhere else
Also we can't absolutely no refund for any incompatibility issues exist and if your system has not meet the minimum requirements to run this software.Also we can't refund any buyer who may don't have enough experience about how to use basic operation about windows operating buying this product you must agree 100 on the terms of sale as well as the other rules regarding this product.Ιn a different case please do not buy this product.

Attention:WE DON'T SEND ANY DVD or physical mediaWe send product as digital delivery Only:you will receive the download links within 48-84 hours max at your email address:(usually instantly if the files available and we are online)*Complete Full Vers
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