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PSY 225 Week 5 Trauma and Growth Presentation

PSY 225 Week 5 Trauma and Growth Presentation PLDZ-9768
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PSY 225 Week 5 Trauma and Growth Presentation


Create a presentation with a minimum of 8 slides, using whichever platform you prefer (i.e. PowerPoint, Prezi, Story Bird, Smilebox, Capzles, Slidestory, etc.) The presentation describes a traumatic/near death experience that either you or someone you know has experienced.  You must explain how relationships with others impacted the individual during the traumatic experience and whether or not there is evidence of the positive psychology concept of post-traumatic growth, resulting in increased resilience, once the traumatic event had resolved. Include a slide that addresses the ways in which traumatic experiences can be opportunities for growth.

Please don’t share overly sensitive, private, intimate or identifying information.  Some students feel more comfortable created a fake name or using a pseudonym if they are writing about their personal experiences.  A good way to approach this assignment is to image you are presenting a case study and sharing it in a professional or academic environment (which you are!) so please don’t get too graphic or detailed about the trauma that occurred.

Your presentation must contain at least one citation from our course readings/textbook or UOPX library

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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