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FIN 370 Week 1 Apply: Week 1 Exercise

FIN 370 Week 1 Apply: Week 1 Exercise PLDZ-9697 Free
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FIN 370 Week 1 Apply: Week 1 Exercise

Review the Week 1 "Knowledge Check" in Connect® in preparation for this assignment.

Complete the Week 1 "Exercise" in Connect®.

Note: You have only one attempt available to complete this assignment. Grades must be transferred manually to eCampus by your instructor. Don't worry, this might happen after your due date.


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Maximizing owners' equity value means carefully considering all of the following EXCEPT

Multiple Choice


how best to return the profits from those projects to the owners over time.


which projects to invest in.


how to best bring additional funds into the firm.


how best to increase the firm's risk.






Not all cash a company generates will be returned to the investors. Which of the following will NOT reduce the amount of capital returned to the investors?

Multiple Choice






retained earnings





As individual legal entities, corporations assume liability for their own debts, so the shareholders hold

Multiple Choice


unlimited liability.


shared liability.


joint liability.


only limited liability.




For corporations, maximizing the value of owner's equity can also be stated as

Multiple Choice


maximizing the stock price.


maximizing earnings per share.


maximizing retained earnings.


maximizing net income.




Which of the following is not an impact of the slowdown occurring in China’s economy?

Multiple Choice


falling community prices


lower demand in materials such as steel, iron ore, and copper


real estate market declining in Sydney, Australia


money going out of Manhattan, New York





What is the debt ratio for a firm with an equity multiplier of 3.5?

Multiple Choice









Which of the following refer to ratios that measure the relationship between a firm's liquid (or current) assets and its current liabilities?

Multiple Choice




market value








For publicly traded firms, which of these ratios measure what investors think of the company's future performance and risk?

Multiple Choice


profitability ratios

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