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EDU 321 Week 1 Personal Philosophy Paper

EDU 321 Week 1 Personal Philosophy Paper PLDZ-9610
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EDU 321 Week 1 Personal Philosophy Paper


Write/Create a product that demonstrates your philosophy on classroom management

Address the following in your final product with clearly defined labels/headings:




    • What is classroom management for an elementary classroom?



    • Why is there a need for a classroom management plan?



    • What should be considered when developing a personal philosophy for classroom management?



    • How does a diverse student population affect a classroom management plan?



    • Compare at least two classroom management models from the reading that support your philosophy.



    • Explain what implications your philosophy will have on you, your students, and the classroom environment.




See Rubric for specific scoring criteria.  Use this a checklist to insure you have met all the requirements for the assignment.

Submit your completed assignment to the assignment section on/before the due date.

Assignment Clarifications:




    • This product, like all assignments need to use APA 6th edition formatting.



    • Remember that this is a scholarly (academic assignment) and that all academic assignments require the incorporation of research (readings from class, outside sources, internet sources, etc…)



  • You may choose any type of product to convey the information (Slide Deck, Written Paper, etc…).  Keep in mind that whatever type of product used, will be scored using the same rubric.
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