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ECH 321 Week 5 Early Childhood Setting Management Plan

ECH 321 Week 5 Early Childhood Setting Management Plan PLDZ-9608
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ECH 321 Week 5 Early Childhood Setting Management Plan


Review the University of Phoenix Materials: Early Childhood Setting Management Plan and Signature Assignment Guidelines.

Complete the Early Childhood Setting Management Plan* as indicated.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Signature Assignment.

Classroom Management Plan


Choose from one of the following three age groups: infant/toddler (birth to age 2), preschool (ages 3-4 years), or kindergarten-Grade 3 (ages 5-8 years) and create a management plan for the early childhood setting you chose. Make sure that each of the following is included in your plan:

Motivation and the Learning Environment




    • Explain the relationship between motivation and learning. Describe the strategies you would use to increase and maintain children’s motivation, foster active engagement in learning, promote positive social interaction, build a supportive learning environment, and create a connection to children’s families.



    • Describe skills and attitudes you expect diverse children in your classroom to learn and demonstrate that promote positive social interactions and create a supportive learning environment.





Learning Environment Management Models




    • Select a learning environment model and discuss the model in relation to young children’s development, learning, and motivation at the identified age level.



    • Apply the principles of management and knowledge of individual and group motivation and behavior to develop a structure for discipline used in the classroom. Include a list of classroom rules and procedures for children’s behavior and their negative and positive consequences.



    • Describe a process that will be followed when a child behaves outside the scope of the basic classroom rules and consequences.





Classroom Arrangement and Physical Layout of Classroom




    • Design the arrangement and physical layout of a learning environment for your identified age level.



    • Describe how this design influences a positive learning environment.



    • Explain how your plan will assist in managing the learning environment’s diversity and social dynamics.



    • Justify how your plan promotes and maintains appropriate behavior.



    • Describe effective instructional methods that are supported by the physical layout and classroom arrangement.





Collaboration with Families and Colleagues




    • Develop a list of five to seven activities that are designed to establish and maintain a positive, collaborative relationship with families. Add a short summary about how these activities can promote the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being of children.



    • Outline a substitute teacher plan addressing what a substitute teacher needs to know about the learning environment plan and routines to effectively teach your children.





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