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ENV 100 Week 1 Balancing Ecosystems

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ENV 100 Week 1 Balancing Ecosystems


Resources: Gamescape Episode 1 Results PDF and Ch. 5 and 6 of Visualizing Environmental Science

Complete the Balancing Ecosystems Worksheet and submit this along with your results from Episode 1.

APA format is needed for any citations and references.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Gamescape Results PDF and your worksheet (as a Word document).




Gamescape Episode 1 Results PDF

Ch. 5-6 in Visualizing Environmental Science







    1. Upload the Episode 1 PDF along with your assignment. (1 point)








    1. From your understanding of an ecosystem from Chapter 5, what is ecosystem balance? Describe two ways in which the ecosystem balance was impacted in Episode 1. (75-100 words, 1.5 points)








    1. Based on pages 151-154 of Chapter 6, describe the concept of succession. How might the carp in Episode 1 affect succession (basically, how might the species structure look after the carp have become established)? (50-75 words, 1 point)








    1. Species evolve through the process of natural selection, which is detailed on pages 148-150 in Chapter 6. How might an invasive species impact the natural selection of the native species within a habitat? (50-75 words, 1 point)








    1. Energy flows through food chains in ecosystems. Describe the flow of energy in the ecosystem in Episode 1, and how the grass carp altered the flow of energy. (50-75 words, 1 point)








    1. Complete the table below. (Each cell is worth 0.25 points for a total of 3 points)






























































Solution to Grass Carp problem Advantage Disadvantage






  1. Why is it important to achieve a sustainable environment? Use one example from Episode 1 and one example from the assigned reading materials to support your points. (75-100 words, 1.5 points)
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