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COMM 110 Week 1 Introductions

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COMM 110 Week 1 Introductions


This first assignment gives you the opportunity to practice recording videos by introducing yourself to the class.

Part A

Complete the Week 1 Worksheet on public speaking basics to help you prepare for Part B. As you answer the questions, think about how you can lessen any fears you may have about public speaking.

Submit your worksheet to the Assignment Files tab.

Part B

Review the YouSeeU™ article, “Individual Video Activity” to help you complete Part B. Access the article by clicking on YouSeeU™ Support Resources.

Access YouSeeU™ by selecting the YouSeeU™ Access link. Within the Activities List section of YouSeeU™, select the Introductions Activity.

Record (or upload a recording from your PC) a 2- to 5-minute video in which you answer the following questions:




    • What is your name?



    • Where are you from?



    • What is an interesting fact about you (for example, any special talents or interests)?



    • What are you studying? Why?



  • What is the value of learning about public speaking and effective communication? In what ways might you use public speaking in your personal life and career?
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